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Kyocera ceramic handgrinder mod

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  • Kyocera ceramic handgrinder mod

    Hi Everyone,

    Im absolutely loving the convenience and quality of my kyocera handgrinder.

    One small thing that did bother me with it is there is some play between the outer burr and the housing. I fixed this by using some rubber bands that fit perfectly around the outside of the outer burr. I got them with some free vegetables at Woolies.

    I may at some stage replace the spring to keep the inner burr in place a bit more too.

    The grinder as it comes is fine and the quality really good, however the anally retentive side of me wanted something that felt a little more solid.

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    Re: Kyocera ceramic handgrinder mod

    That grinder looks sweet. I was going to get one until Orphan had an awesome KyM Turkish style mill that I bought instead. Does the rubber band mod help any with the consistency? Ive read it is pretty good as is. AND I think I remember Doug from Orphan saying that little bit of play wont matter because once under load with beans it centers anyway. I also read on another forum that a guy that had this same grinder dropped it in some way and shattered one of the burrs. Later!


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      Re: Kyocera ceramic handgrinder mod

      Thats a very sweet mod, ACog  - I like it!

      For the spring, Ive stretched it a little .. it gave it a little more tension.

      Ive also had some feedback regarding the wingnut - the notches wear down and end up being smooth, so you cant feel the clicks anymore. Ive sent an example back to Kyocera and requested that these be made with something other than the soft nylon currently. Anyway .. Ive been experimenting with plumbers tape to create more resistance to the nut adjustment, and thats working so far.

      The grinder isnt perfect - yet :P , hopefully we can convince the Design team at Kyocera to take note of our suggestions. If anyone else has issues or comments about the design .. or if you have made your own mods .. let us know.

      Off to get me some of those bands