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Rocky for a Gaggia Classic?

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  • Rocky for a Gaggia Classic?

    Hi all,

    First post here so please excuse me if Im repeating oft-posted questions. Ive tried to spend some time reading/searching here on CS to get an idea before asking anything.

    Im starting to look at getting a grinder to go alongside my Gaggia Classic (with Silvia steam wand mod).

    Ive read the post on choosing a grinder for the first time; and appreciate that in the case of grinders - you get what you pay for.

    Do you think the Rocky is a good match for the Classic? Like everyone else Im tempted by upgraditis on the machine, but given I dont even have a decent grinder right now Im thinking my money is better spent on that first.

    Also, would you recommend the Rocky with/without the doser? Apart from the Gaggia we have stovetops and plunger in operation in the house as well which I would want to use the grinder for. I admit that Im a bit of a clean freak so prefer the doser option right now, but will that prove a headache for the other brewing methods?

    Looking forward to your thoughts and opinions!


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    Re: Rocky for a Gaggia Classic?

    Well if you are a clean freak do not get the dosered rocky. There is a considerable amount of coffee left in the doser. With a doserless all you need is a small dustpan and brush and the bench is easily cleaned of all stray grinds.

    You might want to also consider stretching to the Compak K3 touch or the ECA KS. Both are offered by sponsors and by all reports give a grind quality equaling the Mazzer Mini (at a cheaper price).


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      Re: Rocky for a Gaggia Classic?

      Welcome to CS Es.

      The Rocky should be fine - it all depends on how far you can stretch your budget.

      I dont know how much coffee is left behind in a Rocky doser but my opinion on dosers generally is that they give you more options than doserless.

      You can use a dosered frinder like a doserless but not the other way around.


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        Re: Rocky for a Gaggia Classic?

        Thanks for your replies (and welcome), from what I can gather it seems the doser question often comes down to personal preference.

        Thundergod would you be able to expand on what you meant by dosers generally give you more options?

        Say hypothetically the budget can stretch a little further - what would the benefits of say a ECA Best, Macap M4/M5 or Mazzer Mini Manual be over the Rocky?

        Sorry for so many questions, Ive tried to glean as much I can from product info but Im wary of what is spin vs. real benefits.

        Thanks again,


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          Re: Rocky for a Gaggia Classic?

          Faster grinding, more consistent grinds, the Macap and the Mazzer are stepless so a greater amount adjustability is possible. IMHO provided the steps are small enough it really isnt that much of a problem (unless you are willing to waste 1-2 dialing in shots most times you make coffee)

          I have had extensive hands on experience with both the rocky and the mini and I would say that the minis quality of grinds beats even a fully modded rocky. That being said I used a rocky at home for close to two years (just been replaced) and it performed beautifully - it does need some new burrs now tho (just shows how much I have used it). The mini I used was used at a cafe where I worked as a Single Origin grinder (Robur main grinder)

          Sounds like you need to pop on down to your local sponsor and have a chat/play.


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            Re: Rocky for a Gaggia Classic?

            Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Rocky and Mini Martial Monkey.

            It does sound like I need to pay a visit to one of the sponsors in Sydney when time and finances permit - I dont know whether Ill be able to resist once I see/use the machines in person!