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    My experience thus far:

    Had the grinder for a month.

    So far I have put 50kgs through it.

    I would have to say that in the first 3 weeks there were a number of times I wanted to chuck the thing out onto the street. Now, I was warned that I would have to run it in quite a bit, but I had no idea that it would take a good 40kgs until it settled down and started grinding consistently.
    At the beginning the grind time started off at 4.3 seconds for 21g with the grind set at 7.6.
    Over the next three weeks the grind time came down to 3.2sec and the grind came down to 6.0 for 21g.
    In the first three weeks I was probably getting 3 out of five shots with even consistency and the other 2 would have inconsistencies ranging from 1g to 4g (hence why I wanted to chuck the thing!).
    The other frustrating thing was that if I suspected that the grind or dose needed adjusting I would have to pull 3 x 21g shots to get an average (talk about waste of coffee - my boss was giving me the evils :)
    Anyway, after 40kgs the Robur E has really settled down and the dose is becoming extremely consistent.
    One thing to note though, is if you have not pulled a shot for a couple of minutes then you might want to pump out and dump a shot, because of the coffee left inside the big chamber beneath the burrs and in the chute.

    Just thought I would post this up for anyone considering a Robur E or has had similar experiences.
    Would be interested to know if everyone using this grinder had similar experiences


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    Re: Robur E

    Most new sets of burrs need some breaking in to, however its more noticeable on doserless grinders. Your experience isnt uncommon, unfortunately there just isnt any way around it, always keep 30kg of old stock when you need to replace those burrs in the future!

    Thankfully, that wont come for a very long time.