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    Would anyone know how to quickly setup the Mini mazz - I packed it sometime ago - to cut a long story short there not markings I can see as to where I should start my coffee grinding. It has been turned all the way down to fine - when I purchased it was good to go - now its gone - short of buying a bag of rubbish beans to test need some help - thanks

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    Re: Mini Mazz Help

    Depends on the grinder as no two Minis are necessarily the same. I assume the factory sticker is gone.

    On mine, the "starting point" is around the "6" mark on the collar. There is a hole where the collar adjustment lever can screw into and my adjustments are around this point. Yours would likely be different.

    You can see it in this pic from the Home Barista website:


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      Re: Mini Mazz Help

      Switch off power from the wall
      Turn adjusting collar until blades touch
      Mark that position with white-out if you want to

      Back off a little and do test grinds
      Mark those positions with white-out if you want to

      Its always trial and error