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what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

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  • what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

    hello everyone. I am new here.
    I just bought the latest 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia to replace my 5yo Gaggia Classic.

    I drink exclusively double espresso. I do not steam milk.
    Currently I use the Gaggia MDF grinder which I have had for several years (used with Gaggia Classic machine).  I feel that Gaggia MDF grinder can not get the best double espresso from Silvia - either grind is too fine or too coarse.

    I am thinking to buy a new grinder that will match the Sylvia short black capability. This is for home use only, typically only 2-4 double espresso per day.

    Any advice what grinder to buy to match Silvia? Budget up to ~$900 for the new grinder. I heard good things about Mazzer Mini and also Rancillio Rocky. Is Mazzer going to produce a significantly better double espresso than Rocky or even Gaggia MDF grinders? Am I wasting my money on Mazzer over Rocky or MDF?

    thank you in advance. :-/

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    Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

    Any Mazzer is an improvement on the Rocky or the MDF. .


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      Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

      Originally posted by 000208053E1308050413610 link=1270348131/0#0 date=1270348131
      Is Mazzer going to produce a significantly better double espresso than Rocky or even Gaggia MDF grinders?
      Yes. Although it is all incremental. My Mazzer produces 100% better coffee than my Sunbeam 0480, the step up from the Rocky would be less, but still noticeable - especially if you exclusively drink black.

      I love my Mazzer Mini. Just be careful with your decision -the doser can be annoying, it sweeps to the left and leaves behind some grinds. Dont forget to check out other equivalents eg Macap, Compak and ECA Best.


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        Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

        One of the sponsors is having a special for the K3T under $600. I think its a good deal.


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          Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

          If you didnt want to spend money yet, i would be changing the blades on your mdf and see how that goes for now

          Or buy a Mazzer Mini, excellent grinder!!! just do your shopping and research, there are bargains out there!!!!


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            Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

            Welcome to CS acid_rider.

            If the mdf works well for the gaggia classic, can’t see why it wouldn’t work well enough for the silvia. That said, yes you can do better.

            I am however noting your comment: "....I feel that Gaggia MDF grinder can not get the best.... from Silvia - either grind is too fine or too coarse...."

            And I will disagree.... It may be right enough in low end grinders where the steps really are miles apart, but not so in the better grinders, and definitely not so in commercial quality stepped grinders where the increments are very small.

            The first thing for you to try is adjusting your technique. When you say, one number is too coarse and the other is too fine, vary your dose / settle / tamp. I guarantee it will change the rate of pour and.....the quality of your brews. Some will be better than others, find what works best.

            Being a barista is not about making coffee by "prescription" by following a set recipe to a "T" which includes a certain rate of pour. That kind of thing doesn’t work anywhere much in food prep. including with making coffee. You have to be able to "feel and touch and adapt" as you go. This is where the so called black art of a real barista comes into play.

            That is, it’s not about setting the grinder to give you a specified rate of pour as dictated by a spec. What if that rate of pour is not right for your beans and equipment? It’s about finding the sweet spot in the resulting brew, for the type of beans and equipment you are using. That is not about rate of pour by itself, it is about juggling variables like: finer or coarser grind, up dose or down dose, soft tamp or hard tamp, slower pour or faster pour, short standard or longer pour etc etc etc.

            If after you’ve mucked around with that you still want to update (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with updating as you will get noticeably better results from a better grinder), you also have to take your own budget into account

            A great “budget” grinder is the Eureka Mignon at around $550.00. It uses the same set of grinding burrs as the Rancilio Rocky (50mm), but has a continuous worm adjusting set up (i.e. this one is step less). We are importing both Rocky and Mignon, and for the extra dollars I reckon the Mignon is worth it.

            After that well yes, in your nominated budget Mazzer Mini or Macap M4 (55 or 58mm from memory cant remember which) are top home (actually small commercial) grinders. Some like the correspondingly sized Compaks, but I like either of the "M" grinders as I think they have a far better standard of build and ease of use and make a much nicer statement in your kitchen if you like the finer things in life ).

            After that you can just keep right on going, more dollars = bigger grinders.

            The question is, can you tell the difference between the coffees made with an mdf VS rocky VS mignon VS M4 or MM VS any other grinder as they get bigger and better, and what for you, constitutes good value for money?

            Only you can answer that.

            And realistically, while a few people in special interest coffee forums will spend close enough to (or more than) a thousand dollars on a grinder for their home use, by far the greatest majority of walk in clients buy a great coffee machine but will then place a budgetary constraint on what they are prepared to pay for the grinder. And thats after we have explained the benefits of going to a "better" grinder.

            All of that said, for my 3 cents yes you will get a better result from spending the extra money. Would start from the Eureka Mignon, but if your budget allows a purchase up to the Macap M4 / Mini Mazzer models, you wont be sorry.

            If I can help you off line, you can find me in the sponsor section at left or below my signature!

            Good luck,
            very first CS site sponsor.


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              Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

              all great advice. many thanks.

              if $800 considered to be a good deal for Mazzer Mini? $850? any traps for young players to watch out for?


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                Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

                Re pricing Im unsure about the Mazzer Mini with the doser but having recently purchased a Mazzer Mini E I found there to be quite a wide range of prices being quoted.
                The only trap that I can think of is to ensure that you are purchasing the latest upgraded model which has a shorter hopper, stainless steel grind tray & the power supply lead exits out of the bottom of the unit.
                So far, with under a weeks ownership!, Im well pleased with my purchase, you definitely cant knock the overall quality of the product & my shot quality & success rate with my Silvia has improved immensely but then again Im only a novice with a few years experience so please keep that in mind when reading my comments.
                Others, Im sure will argue that the Mazzer doesnt offer true VFM & that there are better, cheaper grinders available in the marketplace, etc, & Im sure that there are but at the end of the day as long as YOU are happy with what you purcahse thats all that really matters.


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                  Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

                  Welcome "acid rider".... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

                  I guess you have to nail down a narrow budget range first of all and then take into account a lot of what Attilio has suggested and intimated. Before you hand over your money, have you had a chance to peruse the Grinder Reviews on this Site? Theres a lot of valuable and relevant information to be found there, including opinions from some of the industrys most respected professionals.... Worth a look I reckon....



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                    Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

                    I have gone from the Sunbeam EM0480 to the Compak K3 touch to the Macap MC4.

                    I highly recommend the Compak and Macap. The improvement from the Sunbeam to these was amazing. The Macap is better looking, heavier and quieter than the Compak but they are in the same class for performance.

                    Other advice - Skip the Rocky as its not far from the price of a K3 anyway.

                    Also, doserless is the way for me every time.

                    Good luck!


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                      Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

                      By the way, Good luck with the Silvia. Its a great machine ;D


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                        Re: what grinder for 2009/2010 Rancillio Silvia?

                        update: I bought Rocky doser grinder, for half the price of Mazzer Mini and it certainly improved the double shot quality over Gaggia MDF, on my Rancilio Silvia machine. I also bought synesso ridgeless double basket and a spring which made an even bigger difference to quality, highly recommended. Thank you for your advice.