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Sunbeam emo480 - my experience

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  • Sunbeam emo480 - my experience

    I purchased an EMO4980 in dec of last year. by 5th of jan it had stopped working - microswitch dead or something.

    Got a brand new replacement from the shop which gave up the ghost this weekend just gone. Going to try for another replacement which I will sell as I dont want to have to put up with the unreliability.

    In terms of usage - 4-5 double shot extractions per day.

    Frustrated but also pretty happy cos I have convinced the wife (well at least I think I have) that I need to spend some reasonable dollars on a better class of machine. All going well ill have a mazzer mini within a few days.

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    Re: Sunbeam emo480 - my experience

    The Sunbeam has a great reputation as a budget grinder so you must have just been unlucky......

    The Mazzer is in a different league - Good luck with the upgrade  ;D


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      Re: Sunbeam emo480 - my experience

      mazzer on the courier... cant wait..

      been coffeeless for 3 days now...


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        Re: Sunbeam emo480 - my experience

        Had my mazzer mini for 5 days now - overall huge improvement over the sunbeam.

        Getting used to the doser - this has been the challenge.

        Thinking about the sweeper mod and also removing the finger guard as its a little obtrusive.