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MACAP stepless - stepped

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  • MACAP stepless - stepped

    Has anyone tried converting a stepless M4/M5 to stepped, and if so suggest what is involved (parts etc)?

    I know that the general trend is to go the other way, and I understand why, so no lectures please ;D

    My wife is just getting interested in using the coffee machine & grinder, but the micrometric adjustment is quite fiddly and may eventually put her off.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Re: MACAP stepless - stepped

    1] You need a top collar that has the holes pre drilled on the underside
    2] You need the spring and lock pin
    Note I am not sure if you need to drill a hole or just remove a bolt to fit the sprung lock pin

    You may also need to remove / disengage the current set up

    This is a photo of my Macap (now sold)


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      Re: MACAP stepless - stepped

      Thanks KK, a picture is worth a thousand words!

      Now to see if any sponsor can supply the spring and lock pin?

      If anyone has converted from stepped to stepless and is willing to sell me their spares, please PM.