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  • Expobar Hopper Mod

    Tired of my overly large 2kg hopper, and inspired by others on coffee snobs, I made the trip to Bunnings plumbing dept and found something suitable to act as a replacement atop my aging Expobar grinder. It is a 90-50mm reducer. I had to do some grinding with the Dremel to ensure a nice tight fit. I slipped it inside the trapdoor, so am still able to take it off the machine without beans going everywhere. With a round take-away container over the top it did the job very nicely of holding a few days worth of beans (Ive been meaning to weigh how much it holds, but thats for another day). Part of my motivation was to improve the look of the machine, so ... back to Bunnings for a lid and some flat black spray paint. The lid is simply a multi-purpose 90mm end cap. All up it cost about $10, and even makes the grinder a little quieter than with the massive 2kg echo chamber it had before. Enjoy.

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    Re: Expobar Hopper Mod

    Did a bit more research and Ive actually got a Marfil grinder with an Expobar decal.