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  • A little Help please!

    Hi Everyone

    I am fairly new to home espresso so i have a few questions with dialling in my DL Rocky and VBM jnr.

    I have been doing a bit of reading on here and see that most grind on demand and add approx 18-20 grm of beens for a double basket, however when i do this it only 1/2 3/4 fills my basket. so am i grinding too fine?

    I notice when i grind beans from my hopper i seam to use a fair bit of bean to fill my basket i measured about 35 - 40 grms of beans.

    Maybe i am doing it all wrong? Should i be grinding a bit courser and tamping harder?

    So i am a little confused to where i am going wrong, I have a espro tamp and just ordered a pullman barista for a much better fit as mine is just not right!

    I am looking to upgrade my grinder to a Mazzer mini or go all out and get a Macap M4d. Maybe this will help?

    Any pointers would be much appreciated or maybe a gentle shove may be needed to point me in the right direction.

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    Re: A little Help please!

    The basket shouldnt be full to the brim after tamping--cause the shower screen in the head will project into the machine about 6 mm. (This number depends on the machine.)

    Put in the basket.
    Fill with grounds, and tamp.
    Put a 5¢ piece on the tamped grounds and lock into the machine.
    Unlock and remove.
    If the coin is still floating free on top, the dose was too little.
    If the coin is flat with the surface of the coffee, the dose was too much.
    If the coin is slightly indented into the coffee, its right--weigh this dose and notice how full the basket is.

    As you adjust the grind to get the right extraction, the dose weight will change--as it will with different beans. You are aiming to get the same volume in the basket.



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      Re: A little Help please!

      Hi Greg

      Thanks for the tip and i will use it, Sorry i ment that the un tammped beans only 3/4 fill my basket and when tamped it approx 1/2 full.


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        Re: A little Help please!

        Hi Kanda,

        Have a look over

        I think Scottie probably bench taps too often for most machines and a couple of taps is sufficient- or you may struggle to lock the group handle in. Other than that, its a terrific training resource.

        Good luck



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          Re: A little Help please!

          are you taking into account the ground coffee that gets caught in the grinder? if youre worried, try weighing the coffee grounds rather than beans.

          What would be more logical though would be to not worry too much about how much coffee by weight you put in the basket, but to just get it right.

          Try filling up the double basket so much that it starts falling over the sides (should have a nice little mound of coffee on the top) and tamping that down to the right level, then adjusting the grind to get the right extraction flow  and then make minor adjustments to tamp, dose and grind after that to suit your taste.


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            Re: A little Help please!

            Thanks Chris,

            I was actually looking for that link.


            Let me ask kinda the same question a different way.

            Approx how many grams of beans should it take to fill the basket?


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              Re: A little Help please!

              Hmmmm, there is no strict answer to that.

              Lets just say that a standard 58 mm double *usually* takes between 16 and 22 grams--although the official double would be 14 grams.

              My VBM basket takes 19.4 grams (+or- depending on the particular beans) for a 25 second ristretto--Im using it in a Diadema.