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HELP...Choosing a Grinder

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  • HELP...Choosing a Grinder

    I am almost certain to buy a Gee coffee machine, now i am trying to decide what Grinder to buy to match it. My budget is 300 to 500, the starting point is a Breville Smart Grinder, Eureka and Compaq

    Any suggestions would be appreciate.

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    Re: HELP...Choosing a Grinder

    Mazzer Mini would be my choice. probably a used one with the budget you have.


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      Re: HELP...Choosing a Grinder

      I suggest you "back up" and cruise the "Grinders" section. Im sure there is plenty of information there to get you started.



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        Re: HELP...Choosing a Grinder

        Assuming you mean the Compak K3T that would be a little above your budget if buying new. Having said that, you may want to talk to a sponsor to see what package price they could do for the GEE + K3T.

        I have no experience with the Eureka Mignon but it is very well regarded by Attilo from Cosmorex and that is good enough for me. Both have micrometric adjustment.

        The Breville is well regarded by Talk Coffee and Cuppacoffee, and again I would trust anything endorsed by them. At $250 it is less than half the other 2 which makes it great value.

        I would have thought the K3T & Eureka would be a class above the Breville but I have only used the Compak so cant really speak with authority.


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          Re: HELP...Choosing a Grinder

          Hi GB,

          Theres an ex. CS QLD Flood auction GEE over at you know where. It appears to be one of the flood appeal prizes but the seller says it has not been used .

          Whilst perhaps not in the spirit of what donating was all about, I guess its a good opportunity to save some $$$ and then put it towards the K3T.

          I havent used the mignon either, but Attilios word is good enough for me.

          [edit]Its the one we donated and the winner (John) is going to donate the proceeds to Kidney Health Australia as well. That gets my seal of approval [smiley=thumbsup.gif][/edit]