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  • Doserless Grinder Information Grab

    I am in the market for a new grinder for commercial use (up to 10kg in 7 hours on our busiest day). I am unhappy with the dose (by weight) consistency of the Robur E and am trying to find out if there is a better option out there.

    I am interested in opinions on Robur E, Compak K10 Fresh, Anfim Super Caimano On Demand, Mahlkonig K30 Vario/Twin, BNZ MD74 with Doserless mod etc

    Please only reply if you have actually used the grinder you are adding info about and please stick to the proposed format to make this resource useful and easy to navigate for future viewers.

    Here goes:

    Grinder: Mazzer Robur Electronic
    Any Mods: Yes, custom static screen that mimics the original in shape, but using thinner wire. It is a square mesh readily available from bunning etc.
    Grind Retention: 20-30g (estimated)
    Time to grind x grams: Vaires depending on burr age, but around 4 sec / 20g.
    Dose variance over 20 weighed shots post burr break in period: +/-1g
    Conical/Flat Burr: Conical
    Doses cleanly into center of portafilter (y/n): Yes, but can be messy due to clumping issues.
    Clumping issues (y/n): Yes. Anti Static mesh compresses coffee and causes it to fall out in clumps.
    Static Issues (y/n): No. But if you remove the anti static mesh then it sprays all over the place and has major issues.
    Over heating Issues (y/n): No
    Other comments: No suitable soltuion found to make this grinder more perfect. Anti static screen causes compression of the coffee in the exit chute and hence clumping and a weird drop. If you remove it the coffee sprays everywhere and it doesnt dose cleanly or consistently. The biggest problem however is that the dose (by weight) has a variance of up to 2g and this makes the "electronic" claim of the grinder mostly useless.

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    Re: Doserless Grinder Information Grab

    Originally posted by 6A7572796F1C0 link=1305543850/0#0 date=1305543850
    Clumping issues (y/n): Yes. Anti Static mesh compresses coffee and causes it to fall out in clumps.
    Just a thought Vines,

    Can you give an insight in to your coffee?

    We rarely if ever see clumping with ours. Is it dark roast, oily? How old?


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      Re: Doserless Grinder Information Grab

      An FTO blend from Blackstar coffee in Brisbane. Medium dark, not to the point of oily. 5-10 days post roast.

      Regularly use lighter roasted guest coffees and SOs that run better, but still have the same problem to a slightly lesser extent.

      Never had any static or clumping problems straight out of the chute (pre dosing chamber) with my old compak k10 wbc.


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        Re: Doserless Grinder Information Grab

        i have exactly the same problem and it has been SHI*ING ME TO TEARS!!!

        we have two robur electric doses side by side which are only 6 weeks old and both have the same issue. when we watch the coffee come out of the chute, the top 2 (of 6) squares on the thin wire grill (anti static thing) block up and stop which causes the coffee to compress and the bottom four squares push the coffee out like playdoh.

        we also have a super jolly. when using the same coffee through the grinders the grind on the robur is extremely coarse compared to the grind on the super jolly.

        i have tried taking the wire mesh out but becomes very messy and static, grinds go everywhere.

        i have stripped the grinder down and totally cleaned out. within 3 doses,becomes blocked up again.

        i have also noticed very fine powder build up through the chute and built up on the blades which push the coffee out of the grinder.

        we are in an air conditioned shop. could this be the issue?

        or possibly dodgy blades?

        Hey VINES, how old is your robur? maybe we are the receivers of a bad batch of blades???


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          Re: Doserless Grinder Information Grab

          I wonder whatd happen if you were to removed just the offending section of the mesh?

          Just a thought....


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            Re: Doserless Grinder Information Grab

            Larger mesh and is the mesh well earthed? is the grinder earthed?

            in electronics static needs to be managed carefully.

            I have no experience with commercial coffee grinders.