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Sunbeam EM0480 - a long term review

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  • Sunbeam EM0480 - a long term review

    Hi all

    Just wanting to post some comments on the Sunbeam EM0480, since I cant find much on its durability/lifespan.

    Ive got mine for about 1.5 years, during which it has been used purely for espresso (paired with a Gaggia Classic, pulling ~4 shots/day average).

    For the 1st year or so, it has been a great value for money grinder - at $150, I get a grind that is fairly even and not too clumpy, mostly allowing me to extract espresso just the way I want it to. There were features like the removable hopper (even with beans in it!), the portafilter switch, and the very solid "on/off" switch, that made it feel much higher class than it was.

    1 year on, though, and a raft of issues have emerged.

    1. The sweeping mechanism snapped. I opened it up, and lo and behold, the grinding chamber was chockablock full of old grind that wasnt swept out. Remember - clean this grinder! Either way, I replaced it with parts from Bigwarehouse.

    2. The grind has become progressively coarser (still gushing at the finest setting). I opened it up and added a couple of spacers between the motor and the bottom burr, fixing the problem - temporarily. It would run swell for another 2-3 weeks, then start to loosen up again. All in all Ive added 5 spacers, and the problem still continues to rear its head after a while. I guess its a sign that the burrs are starting to wear out.

    So rather than replace the entire burr mechanism, Ive opted to up to a Ditting (previously Baratza) Vario. (at around $650)

    Its served me well as a first coffee grinder - and will have a place in my heart for the awesome features I got at a low price. It wont last forever, but then again, what does, at this price point?

    Hope this information helps some people out there looking for a grinder.


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    Re: Sunbeam EM0480 - a long term review

    Interesting comments Sing,

    I clean my grinder once a week, regardless of how much use it gets, because it does retain substantial grounds.
    I got rid of the stupid brush it came with and bought an artists paint brush for the purpose of working the grinds off the walls of the grinder.
    First it gets a once over with the vacuum, then work the brush through both burrs and the chute. Finish off with the vacuum once again.

    I agree, good little grinder as a starter before upgraditis hits.

    Gary at G


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      Re: Sunbeam EM0480 - a long term review

      And addition - weirdly, whilst moving the grinder I shook it around a bit, and now it grinds perfectly again.

      Ill keep my new Vario in the closet for a bit and see how much longer the sunbeam lasts.


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        Re: Sunbeam EM0480 - a long term review

        Interesting Tan,

        Clean your grinder again.

        Take it apart and locate the 4 screws holding the bottom burr down. Give them a tighten and then re-assemble, carefully and surely.

        It sounds like the housing for bottom burr may be loose, and its causing grinds to vary, but i could be wrong. Try it anyway.

        Gary at G