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Breville Smart Grinder - V60 Grind Question

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  • Breville Smart Grinder - V60 Grind Question

    Hi all,

    I have been using my Breville for V60 for the last few months and have had solid results, although at times, I still feel that I could dial in the grind even more. I use a slow almost constant pour (stop for a mid brew drain for 10-15 seconds) for a total brew time of 3 minutes for 12oz of coffee.

    I have the grind dialed in at 4 clicks to the left of where the espresso range starts. For those of you that use your Breville BCG800 for pour over, what grind setting do you use? (I bought my grinder in June of this year, so I do not know if it has the shims pre-installed). This post is less to help me dial in my grind and more to see what has been working for others. Im curious :

    The other half of my question... how often do you clean your BCG800? I tend to clean mine between each bag of coffee and always purge a gram or two of fresh beans before grinding for my cup. I still find that it collects a solid amount of dust/residual grounds over the 7-8 days.