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EL60 / Delonghi KG100 burr grinder

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  • EL60 / Delonghi KG100 burr grinder

    Is it or isnt it ?
    I have just brought a EL60 Burr coffee grinder in very good condition the seller stated that it was a rebadged delonghi
    KG100 /solis 166. Have I brought a decent grinder or should I have bought something else. I think choice rated it.

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    Re: EL60 / Delonghi KG100 burr grinder

    Dont know, but if it is the same as the delonghi / solis grinder it depends on what you want to use it for. If it is for a good pump driven espresso machine then I am afraid you have wasted your money.

    Afraid there are some that think choice doesnt rate where coffee machines and grinders are concerned, if you get the drift...

    Sorry cant be more help.
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      Re: EL60 / Delonghi KG100 burr grinder

      Yes, the Starbucks Barista grinder *IS* a re-badged Solis 166 - see here:

      Its also a Delonghi KG100, Dualit EL60 or a Dualit 75002.

      Some examples of these grinders can grind fine enough for some espresso machines and there are modifications that allow them to grind more finely - see this thread for some discussion: