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SETTINGS: Gaggia MDF Grinder + Gaggia Classic

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  • SETTINGS: Gaggia MDF Grinder + Gaggia Classic


    Would like to know what is the best grind setting for the Gaggia MDF. (then tamped to 15~20kg?)
    I have a Gaggia Classic.
    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: SETTINGS: Gaggia MDF Grinder + Gaggia Classic

    I think it likely varies from grinder to grinder- they have been making these for so long. I use a 1970s white model- and usually have it at 6 or 7 on the scale. That is good for a lever machine- a pump machine with larger baskets may be 5?... but your MDF is likely completely different.

    Great grinders they last well- solid build.


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      Re: SETTINGS: Gaggia MDF Grinder + Gaggia Classic


      Seriously, Without knowing your grinder, your machine, your basket, your beans etc, Id say that its a case of trial and error on your part

      To put it simply. its the attempt to pour that 30 ml in 30 seconds, give or take five seconds, Nevermind what Tamp Pressure you use, Nevermind what anyone else nominates, you need to do what is right for your set up.

      Measure out the same amount of beans every time, and itd make it a lot easier to judge on how well youre going


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        Re: SETTINGS: Gaggia MDF Grinder + Gaggia Classic

        welcome to CS!

        I have a classic and mdf at work, when my MDF arrived it was completely on the piss (really badly calibrated), to get espresso grind I had it on the finest setting and it still wasnt fine enough, I pulled the hopper off and reset it, which was easy. I now grind espresso between 5-7 on my unit.

        Dont bother trying to tamp to a kg rating, just put some pressure in to the basket with your wrist (dont jump up and down on it), do the same thing (tamp) over and over every time, do not change the way you are doing it, change the grind first.

        You will eventually learn grind consistency from sight and touch. Youll be able to look at the grinds coming out of your grinder and instantly know if its too course or fine. The MDF has other tell-tale signs such as grind speed, if its really fine it will take what seems like forever to produce enough grinds for a shot.

        When the puck comes out, check it for slop, firmness, etc. you should be able to slightly press the puck in, it should be firm, but not rock hard. your dose is good if you do not spot any (many) pin-holes or cracks.

        Keep that dose and tamp consistent and play with your grind, also check out the how-to espresso videos on the espresso company web site (site sponsor), the principles apply to most espresso machines/grinders.

        I have three espresso machines and a number of grinders, my technique is the same for all of them, they are very different machines too. Obviously the grind settings are different across the board as the different machine groups and characteristics produce different extractions. My dose and tamp rarely changes.

        Splurge on a kg or two of beans at your local roastery and practice practice. when you think you have nailed it, repeat, repeat, repeat

        Oh, one last tip... different beans, different bean ages (from roast), ambient temp, etc all play a part in grind. On some days, even with the same beans, I need to adjust from morning to arvo due to temp or humidity changes, youll get the hang of it!

        good luck!


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          Re: SETTINGS: Gaggia MDF Grinder + Gaggia Classic

          Ok, just made a pretty good espresso.
          Had on Grind setting 3, 15kg tamp and the flow was about 23 seconds. thanks guys for the tip and detailed one from JamesM, ill keep them in mind!

          Im using Di bella coffee - awesome coffee!