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  • Here is my Story

    I have owned a sunbeam 6910 & 6900 and the EM0480 grinder for the best part of 4 or 5 years, making beautiful coffee and being completely satisfied with this combo and always using fresh beans sourced locally and from this wonderful site......

    Now here is my dilema......

    I have recently upgraded to a La Scala Butterfly E61 HX machine and now find the grinder a little on the ugly side .

    Dont get me wrong with fresh beans from CS or other local melbourne roasters and some finesse i make wonderful coffee... (might have tickets on myself).
    ... that is both on the sunbeam and the Butterfly...


    I want more (Upgradis) but after reading through thousands of posts and info on Mazzers and Macaps and Compac and Brevilles ect ect, i find myself in an environment that feels alittle bit like ford and holden about to run Bathurst; everyone is in their own camps loving their own particular beast and loving everything about it so this is what im asking.

    I have a budget of $400 do i throw it at the Compac or rocky or breville or try and hunt down a 2nd hand Mazzer or Macap.

    Ok, now i have thrown myself to the wolves please treat me kindly

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    Re: Here is my Story

    GDay Kaffineaddict - I have to put my hand up and say I own a Macap. Feel free to take the following with the appropriate dose of saline..

    The Rocky will be a small upgrade on the Sunbeam, the Mazzer or Macap will be a much bigger upgrade.

    The Compak - I bought one for use in the Tea room at work and it does a perfectly fine job but I find it rather noisy! The Macap fairly hums in comparison.

    I have no experience with the Breville but keep hearing good things about it.

    I bought my Macap because it was cheap ($400) and Ive never looked back. A Mazzer would be the same (Im sure). There is plenty of advice about buying second hand grinders - it all comes down to burr wear. A set of burrs isnt a huge cost though - about $50 or so.

    I suspect this doesnt really help you much though :-?



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      Re: Here is my Story

      Hi KA
      I have a Macap too - and as KJM said its great grinder. But that and the Mazzer are a bit Ford/Holden. But that segment would be a great step up, even buying a 2nd hand one. And, once you get to that level, they are pretty long term investments - a little bit extra now will give you many good years of service.
      Youll never regret a good grinder - whatever way you brew your coffee. Even plunger will taste that much better!



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        Re: Here is my Story

        Good morning KA....what wolves?  ;D

        Seriously there is no dilemma. My professional opinion is that I wouldnt bother waiting for anything second hand to come up, hoping it will be in your price bracket and not need some more money spent when....with an addition of around $100.00 to your budget you can buy a new Compak K3 Push which is probably the best value for money around certainly in a 58 mm grinder.

        Macap M4 and Mini Mazzer are also 58 mm grinders and probably the best around but cost close enough to double, new. The "Ms" will look better (subject to individual opinion) and give you greater personal "cred" in these "internet coffee circles", but trust me there wont be any difference in the quality of brew that you or anyone else can discern.

        Stock dependent, you can buy a K3P in your own local area (talk to Chris @ Talk Coffee) and if you have any trouble I can supply, but cant guarantee my stock will last out the week leading to christmas.

        very first CS site sponsor


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          Re: Here is my Story

          Originally posted by 7B4F584E55627E525B5B58583D0 link=1324101154/3#3 date=1324166267
          there wont be any difference in the quality of brew that you or anyone else can discern.
          I have to 100% agree with Attilio there. The K3T in the tea room works perfectly in comparison to my Macap and the Rossi in the tea room (like I said). The only issue is that it is really noisy in comparison but you only grind for 30seconds anyway!

          Living in Melbourne youre a bit spoilt for choice in sourcing a grinder!



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            Re: Here is my Story

            Ok so here is a follow up on the story, i just became the new owner of a 2nd hand newly re-burred jolly.

            are there any jolly owners that have some tips and tricks for me to get the most out of my grinder


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              Re: Here is my Story

              That wouldnt be the mazzer from mount eliza on ebay would it? I was bidding on that on that very one. Well done on your new edition if its the one you are talking about.




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                Re: Here is my Story

                .....maybe......[tr] :-X :-X :P :P[/tr]