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Kyocera Ceramic Burr Hand Mill

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  • Kyocera Ceramic Burr Hand Mill

    I like simple. Simple is good, it works, its easy and its affordable. I purchased this grinder as a stop-gap while I saved up and searched for something better. But two months of only using this grinder has really taught me its value.

    Ceramic burrs - while they dont look like much do a great job of grinding the beans. I get a very even grind of any size I desire. The ceramic grinds rather than cuts the beans which is exactly what you want. I the early days I was resetting the grinder after each grind (had to for my pump machine that was more finicky than its output warranted). With a simple lever espresso machine however I just set the grind once and use it for weeks on end. I find the setting doesnt slip appreciably and my machine is very tolerant of the slight variations in grind.

    Cleaning - I confess I rarely clean it. Clean what exactly? All the grind finds its way into the hopper, theres nothing left to clean.

    Size and weight - no complaints there. It fits easily into the palm of my hand, is lightweight and not a hassle to pack should I wish to take it with me when I travel. Not being metal means it doesnt set off the detectors at the airport should I take it airside.

    Cost - who can argue with a $60 coffee grinder that produces the goods? My main gripes about the grinder ultimately come down to its price. Its plastic and ceramic, the crank is a bit cheap looking and its not a particularly impressive looking thing on my kitchen bench. But its not nasty either and does the business so who really cares?

    Initially I planned to replace this grinder asap, but having used it for a while now and finding no great fault with it at all Im hard pressed to justify its replacement until it goes caput. I like the sound and feel of hand grinding and considering how low my coffee consumption is, I really cant find a reason to buy a $300+ powered mill.

    Its classic Japanese consumer ware. Which is to say a high quality product built down to a price. Not your run of the mill Chinese crap which literally does fall apart the instant you look at it. This grinder has longevity in tandem with its functionality. Sure it looks like a pepper mill and no-one is going to ooh & aaah over it. But it does the job and youd be hard pressed to find even a vintage handmill that will produce the same grind for the same price.

    Overall - a good purchase on a budget, and not a bad purchase for travel either. Nothing at all wrong with it, and yes it will grind for espresso machines of both the pump and lever variety. Cant go past it for $60.

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    Re: Kyocera Ceramic Burr Hand Mill

    Welcome back, again Claraflo.

    Nice review, and it matches my experience pretty well. (Although I wouldnt be knocking Chinese manufacture in general--like nearly everywhere else, they make both high and low quality stuff depending on the instructions from the company. I remember when the goods from Japan were seen as cheap and unreliable--and were! Its what the orders specified--down to a price, not up to quality. )

    I have the same grinder sitting on the bench at work. It is used regularly by 3 others for both Presso and pour-over and has done its job for over two years now without missing a beat.