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  • grinder recommendation.

    Hi folks, i have the la pavoni JDR doser, and what i have noticed is that there seems to be a ton of grind left behind only to be used the next day. unacceptable

    What i am looking for is a machine that has an electronic timer that will give me just about all the grind so none is left over for a bad cup the next day. Also, cleanliness is paramount. (wife is a nut should be as quiet as possible...



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    Re: grinder recommendation.

    Manual grinder with a digital clock stuck to the side?

    Breville bcg800 is reputed to be quiet and clean, though Im not sure how much it retains in the grind path,

    Macap M4D perhaps?


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      Re: grinder recommendation.

      Originally posted by 7E5347555A5B5C55734674534657320 link=1335661416/1#1 date=1335667814
      Im not sure how much it retains in the grind path,
      I use a Breville BCG800 Smart Grinder.  Nothing is retained as the delivery of grounds is down a straight vertical tube from the burrs to the filter basket. I normally add just enough beans needed to fill the basket and I grind untill the grinder is empty. This grinder is very clean.  Usually no spilage.

      I once has a Sunbeam grinder. The delivery tube was at about 45 degrees and needed bumping to get it to flow. A lot of grounds ended up on the bench.

      As far as price goes the Madcap costs about $1,300, and the Breville can be bought for about $200 to $300.

      The Madcap may be the better grinder but is it 6 times better than the Breville?



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        Re: grinder recommendation.

        ty folks, will check out the breville...