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Pharos #387 - first impressions

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  • Pharos #387 - first impressions

    I have just received my Pharos grinder and so far things are going very well! I just zerod, then dialed it in to 180 degrees open and the first shot came out 60ml/30sec.

    I must say in the entire time I have owned my Lelit PL53 (lux burr set) and Mazzer SJ I have not had a shot where the flecking looked as good as this! (attached)

    Admittedly it is a little bubbly but the flecking on the north side of the picture is just awesome! I think Ive only seen flecking that obvious on shots that have come out of commercial machines (this was my Lelit PL41EM)

    Previously Ive been having issues on the other two grinders where the last 5-8/30 seconds significant channeling occurs and I need to stop the shot but I feel like the shot doesnt blond as fast and is less prone to channeling.

    Not sure if its just because Im in the honeymoon period but the results in the cup so far seem to improve clarity and complexity.

    All in all its still very early to be getting excited but it is looking good. I will try to check in again after a bit more use =)