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Mazzer major doserless mod help

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  • Mazzer major doserless mod help

    Hey guys!

    I dont have access to any form of power tools, are there any kits out there suitable for the mazzer major?

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    Re: Mazzer major doserless mod help

    Dont think theres much example of anyone doing this nor kits to perform the task (for this grinder or any other...).

    Most of the Doser model grinders have casings which incorporate both grinder and parts of the Doser arrangement which makes it near impossible to separate.

    I looked into this a few months ago when trying to work our what to do with a Rancilio MD50 and couldnt get the outcome I wanted, that was also with the view that I would contemplate ripping it apart with a hacksaw as well...


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      Re: Mazzer major doserless mod help

      You can get kits for a doserles in America
      However I would advise you that its perfectly fine to use the doser model

      I almost went that path and decided against it
      You may wish to see my thread on the subject when I owned a Mazzer Major -



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        Re: Mazzer major doserless mod help

        Not trying to be facetious but to state the obvious, if you want a doserless is certainly much easier to buy one first up. And you have to ask seriously, what is it you are trying to achieve?

        I hope this helps: I use DOSER grinders both at work and at home, as grind on demand grinders. That is, I dont use the doser as a "doser" in its intended function.

        Its easy to do, and I actually use the "spider" in the doser mechanism as a handy reckoner to know exactly how much ground coffee to do. Then I sweep out according to my technique and am left with little waste.

        Because I am used to doing this, I actually find it difficult to use doserless grinders.

        Its nothing more than whatever you get used to.

        Please.....lets not get into a discussion about the recalcitrant grinds left in the exit channel between the grinding plates and the doser body, that you cant sweep out because the doser switch assembly is in the way......If that is an issue (for you) then you should get the doserless.....

        As stated, hope that helps.


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          Re: Mazzer major doserless mod help

          thanks for the response guys! and KK, any particular reasons why you sold off your major? I might mod mine the same way you modded yours, less the metal funnel, no idea where to get my hands on one . I just wanted the doserless mod so that it goes straight into my PF without having to clean up the insides(lots of coffee grounds can get stuck underneath the "spider" in the doser mechanism!)

          But I m starting to like the doser because its more interactive