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Compak k3 push converting to touch

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  • Compak k3 push converting to touch

    Hi everyone,

    I have just bought a compak K3 push without realising that it was the push and not the touch, so i have now bought the doser board but need some assistance in connecting the appropriate wires to the board.

    does any one have a wiring diagram or can anyone explain how the wires go.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Compak k3 push converting to touch

    There are 6 connections on the doser board of the K3T.

    1st connection -- Mains power Neutral (blue wire) and also a connection to the switch (black wire) so that it connects to the momentary switch when it is in manual mode.

    2nd connection -- Mains power Active (brown wire)

    3rd connection -- the board links this to the second connection so it is also 240V Active.  Black wire from the motor connects to this.

    4th connection -- has 2 wires, black wire to the switch (manual setting), Blue wire to the motor (Neutral)

    5th connection -- to the main switch on the auto setting.

    6th connection -- to the main switch (second point) on the auto setting.

    If I get a bit more time I can try to draw you a circuit diagram and scan it in.

    Personally I am in the process of taking out the compak doser circuit and replacing it with a digital timer as I found the compak one mostly useless.

    Good luck!


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      Re: Compak k3 push converting to touch

      Thanks for the wiring explanation ill give it a go and by the way let me know how the digital timer mod works.


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        Hi Masuta. Not sure if you are still on the forum. I am new here and was interested if you ever made the conversion on your Compak K3 Touch to digital.? I have also purchased a K3 Push version without realising it did not have the timer PCB. My Push has the hole underneath the grinder for the adjuster POT so with the right parts and your wiring guide I reckon its an easy fix. However I have contacted Compak direct and they reckon you cant do it. I think they just fobbed me off to be honest. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can offer.