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Conical Burr Grinder $49.00

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  • Conical Burr Grinder $49.00

    Just in case anyone is interested, Harris Scarfe are selling the Sunbeam GrindMaster conical burr grinder for $49.00.
    Its normal price is $119.00
    Cranbourne store had 3 on the shelf today.
    This is a stick grinder and can be used also as a mixer - high speed blade.
    As a coffee grinder its - low speed burrs

    Ive only seen one reference to it on a thread on CS and it was given the thumbs down.

    I purchased one about 6 months ago when they were on special, again $49.00 and for that price I am happy with the result I get.


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    Re: Conical Burr Grinder $49.00

    My mother taught me if I have nothing good to say say nothing at all

    So I will say nothing at all in regard to this


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      Re: Conical Burr Grinder $49.00

      Come on kaffineaddict tell us what you know about this grinder.

      Im not urging people to go and buy one but for the price and if you didnt have a grinder???



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        Re: Conical Burr Grinder $49.00

        I dont have this grinder, so my experience isnt one from a high use point of view and I currently have a mazzer super jolly. I wouldnt consider this over kill for my needs but at the high end of the prosumer market. Therefor my comments come from a seen how it performs and tasted the coffee from it,but not used it a hundred times. all I can say about it is that if you buy an espresso machine in any price bracket you will be disappointed. If you are considering a machine with this as your grinder go and buy a pod machine in whichever price bracket you can affordand you will be better of in the long run.

        Sorry it would seem I turned into a caffine starved lunatic part way through that rant... Appologies


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          Re: Conical Burr Grinder $49.00

          Having actually had one of these grinders, I suppose I can say that Im able to judge somewhat on its performance as an espresso grinder

          in short, I found it to be more then capable of grinding for espresso in my modded EM3600 (unpressurised baskets, naked group handle, thermometer readout), the only issue was that the steps were a little too widely spaced apart, and that after six months of use, the hopper section was starting to crack quite badly.

          I would probably rate it at a level just below the EM0450/480 twins as a usable grinder, With the added benefit that theres very little grind retention if you dose individually. it does collect staticky coffee grinds on the burrs, requiring a stripdown every week, But as it comes apart readilly, this is no trouble at all

          I used to Measure pre-weighed beans into the hopper, and grind into a container before transferring to the basket. I found this was the least messy way of operating the unit...

          In short, Its a good grinder _FOR THE MONEY_ but its nowhere as good as higher priced units. But when you compare to what else is out there at the price (spinnybladesofdoom grinders), Id say its a damn good grinder.

          Would I go back to using it after getting a K3? No, Would I say that it was rubbish just because of the price? Again, No.

          But would I suggest it as a step above the EM0450 or Smartgrinder? No I would not.


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            Re: Conical Burr Grinder $49.00

            this is merely my opinion, if you like instant coffee disregard my following comments

            I think many people would be hard pressed to have this stationed next to their shiny stainless third child.... Well in my case my only child without waking up in the morning and wanting to sip cyanide.

            If you drink super market beans from an espresso machine (if it can be called that) from a department store and kettles cost more and you are happy with the coffee it produces then excellent this is the grinder for you. "maybe"

            I thought the coffee from my sunbeam 6910 and em0480 was magic, that was until I got my e61 hx and my mazzer sj. This was nirvana and thought that that was it the top of the world in my opinion. That was until chris from talk coffee waived his magic hands over it and now its better than ever. Moral of the storey people many many people think what they have is awsome and in their minds eye it is and that is wonderful, at times I wish evil upgradis hadnt bitten me but for alot of people you will see this as a mere kitchen appliance that does not reach our "needs".

            In closing there is obviously a market for this product as there is for the "coffee smashing" blade grinders But as this website is dedicated to the trials and tribulations of reaching coffee nirvana I believe that this machine is not in the realm of coffee snobs.


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              Re: Conical Burr Grinder $49.00

              Bear in mind, that the majority of people who would be looking at this device will not have the $3000-4000 Shiny Italian Plumbed unit sitting on their bench

              Most, Would be like me, with a Cheapie sunbeam or Breville espresso machine, they would be looking at the market and going "Im told that a burr grinder is best, but theyre all SO DARNED EXPENSIVE"

              I very much doubt that anyone who is looking at this end of the market is going to cross shop a Mazzer SJ... Hell, I barely think theyd even be cross shopping this unit with a Smartgrinder

              When youre dipping your toe in the water for the first time, Its nice to have the ability to say "well Im glad I didnt blow all my money on that" if you dont like what you get.

              I state again, For the money, its one of the best grinders. In the under 50 dollar market there is nothing that comes close to it barring some hand-grinders. The nearest thing that comes close to it in performance is some double the price.