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Mazzer Mini USA purchase??

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  • Mazzer Mini USA purchase??

    Crazy "travel" grinder question. ;-)

    I found a good price on the entry level Mazzer mini while currently visiting in USA.

    If I could find 11kg of luggage space would the electrical difference (110volt) version be troublesome when running through an adapter back in AU?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Re: Mazzer Mini USA purchase??

    Id be checking the prices on 240-110 stepdown transformers for a start, otherwise its liable to be false economy.

    The Mazzer Mini sucks down 250W by the mazzer website, so youll want *at least* a 300VA stepdown (best to have it a overrated, itll last longer that way, and the characteristic of these motors is that there is a surge at startup) considering that a quick search of a reputable supplier over here reveals their most suitable unit @ 500VA is $229.00 (they have a 250VA for $129 but like I say, I wouldnt be running it at full capacity, wont last, certainly not as long as the Mazzer...) I doubt very much the deal is *that* good. Particularly given that theres a decent size used market for Mazzers and the things are pretty much bulletproof. Also you basically lose the benefits of buying new (Warranty, etc.) by buying it over there anyway.


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      Re: Mazzer Mini USA purchase??

      I wouldnt bother.

      If/when you decide you want to justify something else, you will be left with a grinder nobody wants to buy.

      Better to pick up a pre-loved one here in good condition.


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        Re: Mazzer Mini USA purchase??

        thanks for all the helpful advice. Greatly appreciated.
        The price of the grinder is $350 from a local roasting company (based on checking a few US online sites I guess that it must be close to cost price?)

        Factoring in the lost warranty and power step down adapter I dont think i can bring myself to lug it across the globe.

        I think Ill keep on pestering someone i know in AU who has an ex-cafe one sitting gathering dust waiting for someone to use it at his office.


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          Re: Mazzer Mini USA purchase??

          Good move, keep an eye on the secondhand market, there are bargains to be had out there..