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K3 touch not grinding

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  • K3 touch not grinding

    Hi all

    Recently got my hands on a compak k3 touch.

    I only use it about 2-3 times a day. It has been pulling some great shots (paired with the Silvia).

    I placed some new beans and all of a sudden it is not grinding. It is spinning but the beans look to be crushing and nothing coming out of the shute.

    What could be the problem?

    Its a compak K3 touch doserless (wega brand)

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    Re: K3 touch not grinding

    New blend/roast? At a guess Id say your beans are oily and gumming things up, also, try opening your burrs a bit.


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      Re: K3 touch not grinding

      opening the burrs up as in?

      sorry a ittle illiterate with the terms

      I know what the burrs are and where they. By opening them up you mean to the coarser adjustment?



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        Re: K3 touch not grinding

        Yes, try adjusting to a coarser grind.

        If you still dont get anything out you probably need to eyeball the burrs yourself (from memory its not too difficult on the K3s)


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          Re: K3 touch not grinding

          Ok will have a look

          are there any other reasons that this could be happening?

          thanks again


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            Re: K3 touch not grinding

            If your burrs are rotating the only real possibility is a blockage, do they sound like are they rotating as fast as they used to?

            Might be worth stripping it down and giving it a good clean regardless, the manual should show you how to replace the burrs, thatll include the steps to get access to the burrs.


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              Re: K3 touch not grinding

              I believe weve covered this one in the not too recent past.


              There are only 2 reasons:

              a) you have been grinding too fine. Open it up ( as in more coarse) and when it starts grinding through again, re-adjust it back to a more suitable position (usually grinding too fine is accompanied by under dosing, so grind & dose up properly and this problem wont happen) OR....

              b) your new blend may have a greater proportion of larger sized beans that may be getting hung up on each other in the inlet throat and stopping the throughput. Happens commonly with blends with a lot of Maragogipe in. Give the beans in the hopper a bit of a stir (NO FINGERS or metal objects...try a paddle pop stick or similar) and that will get the flow happening again. Next time choose a blend with less large beans in.

              Either of those should fix your problem.

              I am not an advocate of removing the top carrier to take a look at the grinding plates/burrs as you should be able to get it all fixed up without going to places where you really shouldnt / neednt be.

              Better to grab the vacuum cleaner and shove it up the coffee outlet of the grinder and suck it out, and if you also remove the beans from the top, you can suck out from the top as well. But that wont solve any problems (as in why the grinder got jammed up in the first place). Certainly it will clear out jammed up grinds, but you will have to address the cause as per a) and b) above as well.....

              Hope that helps.


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                Re: K3 touch not grinding

                Thanks people for the responses.

                Some food for thought and as per usual everyone chiming in with good advice

                hence why i love this forum

                Thanks again

                will keep you updated


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                  Re: K3 touch not grinding

                  Thanks for all your responses

                  gave it a good clean. Some of the burs had some what looked to be old coffee stuck to it.

                  Working fine now

                  Thanks again


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                    Re: K3 touch not grinding

                    Thank you for the "thank you"

                    Note......the teeth having a small quantity of grinds stuck to them is not relevant to what was happening. Its working again because you cleared what was bogged up in there and presumably reset the grind to a more appropriate setting so that it wouldnt happen again.

                    Glad it worked out for you.


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                      Re: K3 touch not grinding

                      yep exactly

                      i learn something new on this forum everyday...well almost everyday


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                        Re: K3 touch not grinding

                        I have the K3, its worth doing the clean once a week as part of your coffee hobby. You also learn more about the grinder as you do that. 

                        Remove the plug from the wall.

                        Mark the fine-coarse setting so that you have a reference point to come back to when you re-install. I use a touch of liquid paper.

                        I use a vacuum attachment to suck grinds out after removing the top burr, then a brush with a paint brush through the burrs and also through the throat, then vac again, repeat the brushing, then vac.

                        Before re-installing, plug back to socket and (keeping fingers clear) press button to check that the bottom burr is spinning freely uninterrupted. If it stops and starts, then theres an electrical problem.


                        As per instructions already mentioned above, start with a very coarse setting to determine the grinder is grinding freely, then turn it to the marker points (providing it is producing around 30ml in 30seconds for a single, or 60mls in 30 seconds for a double shot, approximate)

                        Yes of course when you change to different beans it requires slight adjustments to the grinder to get it spot on.

                        Gary at G