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Which rebadged Compak grinder is this?

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  • Which rebadged Compak grinder is this?

    With an impending international relo and a now empty bench (just sold our lovely S1 machine yesterday), we are considering selling our massive Wega 6.4 Nero M. 71Max but are hoping to get some clarification on which rebadged Compak grinder this is.

    I always assumed it was a K8 due to the very official looking dot on the cover of the manual, but Ive since seen a few posts referring to similar machines as K5 or K6? Larger photos here:

    We would be grateful for any insight from anyone here on the boards. Cheers! 

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    Re: Which rebadged Compak grinder is this?

    This is rather confusing, the motor rating suggests K3E, the Compak website lists it as having a 250W motor, the K6 and such are listed with larger motors.

    The type code from Wega (6.4 NERO M) suggests 64mm burrs (i.e. K6) whereas the K3E has 58mm burrs.

    And the power switch is on the left which again suggests K3E.

    Did they maybe cram 64mm burrs into a K3 shell? Or perhaps Wega have an unusual way of measuring burrset diameter, perhaps they include the "sweepers" on the bottom burr carrier.


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      Re: Which rebadged Compak grinder is this?

      This will help clear it up. It wont be a K8 they are 84mm flat burrs (I have a K8 silenzio). So simple to check drop the burr carrier out for a measure.

      All the wega or Compak grinders from the silenzio range I have seen are badged that way so unless it is written it most likely wont be that version either.

      The other main differences between the versions of the 6.4 are the way the grinder is switched on Auto/Manual etc. So what you have is a K6 Compak in Wega clothing with Manual switching.

      Nice simple burr size data available here for the Compak range

      Out of interest Compak motor ratings make no logical sense to me and I am an electrical engineer. There motor speeds and or power in or out ratings are interesting 


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        Re: Which rebadged Compak grinder is this?

        Thanks guys!
        By manual, are you referring to having to shut it off at the switch? It does have the flap/switch in the dosing chamber which stops the grinding automatically when the grind mountain hits it.
        p.s. The burr measurement is outside circumference?