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Doserless to match ~VBM Junior

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  • Doserless to match ~VBM Junior

    Hey All,

    I was wondering if anyone was willing to pass on some advice/experience with pairing up an appropriate grinder with a VBM Junior (1.4L HX E61) or equivalent (my current narrowed choice). My first concern is not having to upgrade later, so quality of grind to optimise my machine from the get go. After that, I like the idea of a smaller size (keeping quality - short hopper etc). I would only be having 2-5 cups a day and more with friends over, so I dont need to blow the bank (under a grand new or less for a couple of yrs old).

    In my searching, I kinda keep moving toward a new Compak K3 but with a mini/short hopper. I like this as it appears to get reviews that are good for the amount of cash you pay for it and I like the touch feature too. The other smaller choice I might lean to is the Eureka Mignon.

    Any suggestions would be very welcome.



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    Re: Doserless to match ~VBM Junior

    Id go the Compak K3 with short hopper if i were you, I run a K3 with a Giotto and its good


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      Re: Doserless to match ~VBM Junior

      What is your budget? In saying that, I dont think you can beat the K3. Although I wouldnt consider the timed feature to be a selling point... Its not THAT great...

      Hope this helps,


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        Re: Doserless to match ~VBM Junior

        Under $1,000


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          Re: Doserless to match ~VBM Junior

          I think I should can this post as most of my questions are being discussed in the...
          " Eureka Mignon v K3 v Mahlkonig Vario for my Bezzera BZ35?" post.

          Thanks all the same