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How to tell if BURRS are shot??

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  • How to tell if BURRS are shot??

    Hey all,

    I have been reading CS forum for a while now, and have found it to be a wealth of knowledge - thanks all.

    I was hoping for some help on the topic of grinder burrs, I have recently purchased a second hand Mazzer Major and am having troubles getting an acceptable grind.

    Here is my procedure, I turn the machine on and dial in until the burrs just touch and then back off a bit, the problem is this only produces coffee grind of plunger grains ... so to grind fine enough I need to dial it past touching point of burrs by another 3 notches, does that sound right?

    Might I need a new burr set?


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    Re: How to tell if BURRS are shot??

    If they are touching, then you shouldnt be able to adjust it lower, I think you or more likely I am missunderstanding the grinder or the concept of where they touch?
    If they are indeed touching then your grind should be like flour... Or you burrs are well and truly had it.

    My super jolly is so hard to dial fine as the old grinds stop it from lowering and it doesnt have the adjustment arm as its from the 80s


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      Re: How to tell if BURRS are shot??

      Do you still have the "start here" "courser <> finer" sticker? That should be your ball park espresso grind.

      On my super jolly espresso grind is about about 70° to the left from where the burrs are touching, by touching I mean that I can not rotate the adjustment any further.
      It may be more or less then that on a major though.

      If all this sounds right then you may have an alignment issue in your burrs, or they are well and truly wasted.


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        Re: How to tell if BURRS are shot??

        Good morning all, ok so there is a bit of confusion on my behalf as to how to adjust grinder zero mark.

        This is how I have been finding zero so far, empty hopper and run mazzer till all beans have been ground, then turn finer till sound of burrs touching, then back a touch.

        At this location the grind is way too coarse, to make coffee fine enough I need to go past burr touching point 2 or 3 notches. which in turn provides inconsistant coffee grinds.

        one shot might be of good grind time, where as the next will be over expressed ???

        I might have to bite the bullet and pay the 120 dollars for a new set of burrs, does anybody know of a place in brisbane to buy a new set of burrs? or have a spare set that may be for sale? I believe they are 83mm.

        Have a great weekend, I am looking forward to having a great cup of coffee soon again.



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          Re: How to tell if BURRS are shot??

          Just to get it right, do you guys set zero with the machine running or off?


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            Re: How to tell if BURRS are shot??

            Gday Stefan,

            before you spend anymore money on burrs, search CS and look for info on taking apart and cleaning Mini mazzers or SJ grinders, and burrs ( both very similar ) and its fairly simple...

            Its been a while since i sold my mazzers but once you have the burrs touching you shouldnt be able to turn the collar any further anti clockwise.. That pretty much should be the end point...

            In the past I used to turn the machine on then screw down the burrs till you hear a slight grind noise then back it off a quarter of a turn..

            Plenty of info and plenty of mazzer users out here Im sure theyll help you out..



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              Re: How to tell if BURRS are shot??

              Morning all,
              Thanks for the replies, so I am finally enjoying a nice cuppa again, thanks to your help and a little more research.
              So finally found the problem to be the burrs were misaligned, due to what appears cosmetically on the top of the machine as a fall from heights, being around 20kg it is easy to envisage the thud that must have put the burrs out of alignment.

              so anyways, I brought a new set of burrs, installed them and the grinder yet again needed nearly full adjustment to get a fine enough coffee grind, which I believed was not good enough from a quality machine like the Major. so I decided to hand rotate the burrs and found they touched at a high point and the rest of the rotation was freely spining.. so I read somewhere about chalking the burrs to see where the touch point was. and after installing and removing the burr carrier about 30 times adjusting torque on screw sets and shimming the mating face of the burr and carrier I finally got the burrs to touch whilst hand rotating around 320 degrees of a full revolution.
              Sick of adjusting I decided to live with this alignment, and the grinder now has the ability to adjust around 12 notches finer than my bezzera can handle and I am very happy with the Mazzer Major.

              All in all, now in very good condition with new burr set.

              Thanks once again for your help guys

              Have a great weekend