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How consistent are ditting grinders?

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  • How consistent are ditting grinders?

    Heres my actual scenario.

    I recently got me the top Sunbeam espresso making machine. Ive got all 4 baskets for it so I can use whatever grind I have on hand. Obviously the best solution is to use a single wall basket with a suitably fine grind but unfortunately my old breviary grinder just wont grind fine enough, even after doing the standard mod. So, being that I am a poorman Ive been buying my beans preground (gasp) as I cant afford a decent grinder. Heres where I have a problem.

    I got some ground beans from a chap at the south Melbourne market and he suggested that I try a point 3 on the ditting machine which he suggested was pretty fine. That coffee extracted perfectly and I was thrilled. I then went to another coffee place in balaclava and got myself some more beans also asking for them to be at point 3. Once again they were perfect.

    Yesterday I was at a reputable coffee dealer in chadstone which I frequent often. I selected the beans I wanted and asked for point 3 on their ditting grinder. The young lady serving me got this worried expression and told me that all ditting grinders were different and were recalibrated often and the finest she could recommend from their grinder would be a 4.8 which was their commercial setting.

    Not willing to argue I just rolled with her recommendation. Got home and found that with my single walls in I coul only get a fast , cremaless milky pour out of this grind. Ive fiddled with my dosing a little over the last day to no avail.

    So I want to know. Is this legitimate? Are all ditting machines calibrated differently? Or should I just have backed myself and insisted on getting point 3?

    Sorry for word wackiness. Typing this on my phone.

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    Re: How consistent are ditting grinders?

    Yes, they would all be different. Just like any grinder.


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      Re: How consistent are ditting grinders?

      Generally numbers and set pionts on grinders are meaningless. My bag grinders I have played with so the espresso point is reasonable on my machines and checked once in a while (should never never buy preground espresso IMO) then for Plunger grind (most of the preground I do) I run a litle more course than the average stupormarket mid grind.

      As to one ditting being the same as another and on different beans or blends it just doesnt work that way. Grinders need tweaking constantly across a bag or for a given day or bean.

      Best solution for you is buy a Kyocera, Porlex, Hario or similar while you save some more pennies