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Which hand grinder to Buy ?

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  • Which hand grinder to Buy ?

    Hi all currently looking to purchase a hand grinder to use as a portable grinder for plunger at work etc but would like to grind for espresso as well for those early mornings when I don`t wont to wake the family,

    There are a couple of options under $100 that have the ceramic type conical burrs, do these give a good espresso grind ?

    Or would I need to go up to a Rosco or similar ?


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    Re: Which hand grinder to Buy ?

    All the ceramic burred ones are much of a muchness for Espresso and not that flash for Plunger grinds.

    There is a bit of an issue with them in that the lower burr is not supported above and below. At more course settings this tends to see the burrs moved off centre and hence a wider than desirable distribution of fines and course. That is not to say they wont grind for plunger just that they are not ideal and may lead to a little more sludge in the plunger cup. I have used the one that comes as part of the Grindripper package a bit for Travel pourovers and it still works plenty well enough but as it is going through paper no sludge.

    My 40 year old Zassenhaus on the other hand is better at Plunger but not as good at Espresso (most likely wear in the burrs)


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      Re: Which hand grinder to Buy ?

      Check this review out on HB

      The Rosco seems to be what you are needing (it is a little more expensive) , but you pay for the quality and workmanship. Plus its sold by Ross at "portapresso" (and its  Australian Made)

      Also check out this little review by Andy on the Rosco...


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        Re: Which hand grinder to Buy ?

        And you base you advice for someone else to spend money purely on the predominantly espresso based use and testing as you have read on the net?

        Curious which of any of them have you used?

        When someone finds the time to go to the bother of looking at some grind distribution at the more course settings for hand grinders then that would be interesting too.


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          Re: Which hand grinder to Buy ?

          Actually if you had read a little further you would have seen this.....

          I assume you read this ????

          I have a Kyocera and hario... MNSTA did ask for help/opinions on espresso grinds from a hand grinder.. I offered neither just reviews which I thought may have been helpful.. as I havent had the chance to use the Pharos or Rosco, but based on others opinions Id be more than happy to buy either

          And the issues with others opinions is what?


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            Re: Which hand grinder to Buy ?

            And yet I assumed you read the OPs usage plunger and some espresso use!!!!

            A CCD use is not a plunger and fines in a CCD apart from a change in flavor profile are not such an issue. As above a little looking into grind distribution would be nice. Quality workmanship on all 3 you linked is not an issue but performance at courser settings has not really been looked at enough to justify the extra $ over some of the other lower cost hand grinder options available.

            I have seen it done on the Kyocera, Hario et al at courser settings and they come off generally fairly poorly hence my first posting as to unsupported burrs on the ceramics ones. This is also my experience against the other dual supported hand grinders I own.


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              Re: Which hand grinder to Buy ?

              Ok thanks for the links to the reviews wonder

              Looks like either the Pharos or Rosco

              Possibly use the Pharos as my home espresso grinder and use my K3 for the coarser grind :


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                Re: Which hand grinder to Buy ?

                I use the Pharos for espresso and a OE PFP which is a modified Kyocera CM50, for a coarse grind, if I used the Pharos for both I would forever dialing the grind in when changing back to espresso. The Hario Skerton/Kyocera CM-50F lower bearing upgrade kit is available from OE a bit of googling will find it if interested.


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                  Re: Which hand grinder to Buy ?

                  Thanks all for the feedback

                  I have just ordered a Pharos grinder from OE

                  They had Grindripper sets for $35 so I grabed one of those which I will use instead of the plunger

                  Looking forward to comparing shots between the K3 and Pharos.


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                    Re: Which hand grinder to Buy ?

                    Wow, thats a decent hand grinder your getting there MNSTA..

                    I think you maybe using that with the Expobar, over the k3touch


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                      nice grinder to use

                      Hi cadan I use a porkert um 75 mill grinds coffee really nice can get grind very fine for espresso. use it with my breville 800

                      machine very solid construction made in the czech republic here is a pic
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                        Pharos arrived today,only pulled a couple of shots tonight but big improvement on flavour from the K3 already, looking forward to getting the grind dialled in properly this weekend.


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                          I nearly ordered the Pharos, but when I found out they wanted $60 for postage

                          I decided to put that money for the Rosco Mini,

                          Very happy I did!

                          Welcome to Hand grinding!


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                            Originally posted by Cadan View Post
                            Pharos arrived today,only pulled a couple of shots tonight but big improvement on flavour from the K3 already, looking forward to getting the grind dialled in properly this weekend.
                            Nice one! I love mine. Out of curiosity, what number did you you get?

                            $60 for a package to come from rural middle-of-nowhere, opposite side of the earth, to your doorstep in about a week is a pretty good service IMO.


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                              Out of curiosity, can anyone recommend a good, but reasonably priced hand grinder, serving the purpose of paper filtered (Chemex or Aeropress) coffee for travel? I was considering the Kyocera/Hario, but not sure it's ideal.