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La Pavoni Burr replacement

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  • La Pavoni Burr replacement

    Hi all,

    A couple of days ago I was putting some Nicaragua Matagapla through the grinder and I heard an unusual sound (foreign object?) going through.

    Ive had a run of bad coffees since then and only cottoned on to the grinder incident yesterday morning. As I operate a lever machine the occasional bomb is experienced (very infrequently) and the machine chocks on settings where it never used to. I opened up the grinder and couldnt find any signs of obvious catastrophic damage - yes, I have never replaced the burrs - so my questions:

    Is burr replacement indicative of coffee going south very quickly or is it a gradual process? I have a lever and grinder at work so its not like I wouldnt notice a gradual reduction in performance.

    How sharp are burrs meant to be? I can run my fingers of them without any skin damage.

    Do those burrs look alright still?

    And most importantly: Where can I get replacement burrs for my grinder? I have searched the net and so far have only found one place in the US that doesnt ship outside the US- gerkhins.


    ( dont know how much you miss something till its gone.... :-[ )

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    Re: La Pavoni Burr replacement

    You could call the Pavoni dealers in Sydney, Euroespresso. Here is a link to their web page.


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      Re: La Pavoni Burr replacement


      yip they had. Didnt get here in time for the weekend so my work grinder has come home....