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    Hi there,

    Firstly, this is my maiden post on this site. I HAVE indeed tried to find the relevant info in the existing threads, but to no avail, So I apologise should I be repeating someone's post here.

    I own an Isomac Tea which I love. Pulls great coffee blah blah blah. I've been using a modified Breville grinder that for the most part, does the job, but I think it is getting towards the end of it's tether.

    I am looking to replace it with an Isomac Proffesionale. They are about the $300 mark.

    Our first baby is on the way so the budget can't stretch any and I'm failing to find anything that would match up or be better in the small end of the price-scale.

    The Isomac looks great but i can't really find any reviews on it that are remotely recent. I DO want something that will grind straight into the basket.

    The Rancilio Rocky, which is $150 dearer seems to get all the wraps... is this warranted?

    Thanks in advance for those who reply.....