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Large conical seams to need a coarser grind than a small flat burr ?

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  • Large conical seams to need a coarser grind than a small flat burr ?

    Dialling in my new Pharos the grind seam to be slightly coarser ( by visual and touch) than my K3 touch for the same extraction times

    Is this the case with large conicals ?


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    Never really compared it, I would have thought it was going to be the othe way around!! To me this implies there are more fines in the Pharos grind.

    I know with mine the burr does get out of alignment from time to time, I usually keep banging it every which way until it settles such that there isn't uneven burr rub when taking it down to the zero point. But I did read from OE that some uneven burr rub is to be expected and I havent done enough testing to really say what the effect is but something to keep in mind perhaps...


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      I think you could be onto something Cadan.

      The grounds from the Kony (conical) do appear to be coarser than the grounds from the Mini (small flat burr). I also find that the espresso from the Kony has a thicker and creamier mouthfeel than the Mini.


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        I spent near $3k on equipment and time to say categorically, that sight and touch to assess coffee grinds can be very deceiving.

        While it's true that an excess of fines is not desirable, the ideal grind for various preparation methods will contain a specific range and amount of various particle sizes. If a grinder can produce particle sizes between 400μm 
μm then it's good for grinding espresso. An idea of the target dispersion rates can be found at:


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          Originally posted by Dennis View Post
          ....sight and touch to assess coffee grinds can be very deceiving.....
          Well said Dennis. The appearance of grinds to the naked eye, doesnt mean much, and the grind to obtain a particular rate of pour is simply nothing more than.....whatever it is.


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            Thinking maybe its the shape of the ground particles that differs front flat burr to large conical


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              Particle shapes will differ from one type of grinder plates to another Cadan, but I haven't come across any evidence that particle shapes differ from flat to conical though I suppose this is possible. They certainly differ from a purpose built coffee grinder to an electric, whirly-bird type spice grinder (see attached pics). I think conical burr sets are more about providing a larger surface area for the beans to come in contact with and minimising heat during the process.
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                The pharos has really improved my shots I`ve been comparing shots with the K3 using the same beans,dose,basket and the pharos wins by a mile and there is a noticeable difference in the grinds before and after the shot.