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  • Newbie on K3T

    I'm new on a K3T. A little excited but keen for tips how to find the best adjustment position when starting from scratch. Any thoughts? Or old threads to follow? I couldn't see any at first glance.

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    Hi Shakes

    The K3 is a great grinder,I will tell you where I have mine set for espresso but keep in mind this setting may not work for your grinder

    At the top of the machine on either side of the shoot on the plastic one side has COARSE and the other FINE

    Above the E on the word COARSE is a large coffee bean imprinted in the plastic this I use as a reference point to allign with the numbers on the top , I have put a dab of wite out correction fluid there above the bean

    My espresso range works anywhere from approx 32-34 depending on the beans,

    Otherwise If you have the machine turned off wind the adjustment down untill the burrs touch then go back a quarter turn and start from there


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      HI Shakes,

      It's going to depend on the appropriate dose for your machine. If you first get the dose such that your tamped coffee is just below the level of the shower screen, you can then adjust the grind to get an approx 25-30second extraction of an acceptable amount with blonding starting around the end of your brew. FWIW if were to use Cadan's scale above mine would be a little coarser, generally ranging b/w 34-37 or so. I dose about 19g into my double basket (nominally 14g). A setting of 34 on the grinder would choke my machine (Diadema Regal) with a 19g dose, but at 15g dose would probably be ok.



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        Yes like BOSW has said his K3 espresso range is different to mine and probably yours but hopefully this gives you somewhere to start from and you can see that the adjustment up or down a number or two can be the diference between choking your machine or having a gusher

        I have added apicture of my grinder
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          having the silver dot to the front is probably the 'best' starting point I've found, Barely need to travel further then a few degrees either side of that on my machine


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            Thanks for giving me somewhere to start. Hopefully my coffee will benefit.


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              What espresso machine are you using Shakes?

              Can confirm that my espresso range is pretty much identical to L@F's, and I'm using a Diadema Regal. I do however deliberately down-dose some beans (Central Americans idea why but they taste better to me that way) which necessitates a slightly finer grind.