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Sunbeam Cafe Series Conical Grinder NOT GRINDING FINE ENOUGH

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  • Sunbeam Cafe Series Conical Grinder NOT GRINDING FINE ENOUGH

    Hey guys, I've got a sunbeam cafe series grinder and on its lowest setting it doesn't grind fine enough. Is threesome way to tighten or loosen the conical shaft? Help please

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    Ted, welcome to CoffeeSnobs,

    Like the Breville Smart Grinder, some Sunbeam Grinders can be modified by adding shims (thin washers) under the burrs.

    Give Sunbeam Customer Assistance a call, tell them what your grinder model is and ask for shims.

    Do you have a Sunbeam agent in Argentina? If so contact them.

    A trap for young players, when removing the lower burr on the Breville, it is held on by a left hand threaded nut. The Sunbeam may be the same.



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      The Sunbeam is the same, it is a left threaded nut, it also can be modified by shims. Before adding shims, if the grind doesn't seem to change courseness (is that really the right word...?) then it's probable that you haven't assembled it correctly. Ensure that the white marks are aligned properly.


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        Thanks guys!
        I'm not actually argentinean though! Im an Aussie too, i spent some time there though. The coffee is rubbish, but the local tea is great!