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EM0480 coffee built-up in top burr?

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  • EM0480 coffee built-up in top burr?

    Hi guys!

    I am having this situation with my em0480:

    1.- After a complete clean and correct re-assembly I set it to a grind setting of 13.
    2.- Pull a shot where my EM6910 pressure gauge reads just in the top limit of the "suggested area" (good for me)
    3.- Grind for a second shot.
    4.- Pull the shot again and the pressure gauge reads way over the "suggested area" (maybe near the red zone).

    So I decided to take a good look at the grinder I see this coffee built-up in the top burr:

    Click image for larger version

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    As you can see, there is a LOT of coffee there... So when I clean it, the setting of 13 grinds as it should (pressure gauge again where it should). This evidently affects the grinding of coffee...

    Does anyone know if there is a fix to this? Or I have to clean this every time I grind coffee?

    Thanks guys!

    ps: Tamp pressure should be the same in all cases

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    this isn't much help to you, but after endless frustration with mess and large steps between grind settings, i gave up on the 0480 and invested in a breville smart grinder (bcg800). only had it a week and i'll never look back. almost zero mess and each increment is a lot smaller jump so you can fine tune the grind much better. again, sorry that doesn't help your situation. the top burr on my 0480 looked like yours does. i used to occasionally get the same thing where it would be fine, then next time it would choke the machine, so you'd adjust the grind and then have it way too quick and after fiddling around you'd basically end up back where you started.


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      So that's the build up after two double shots? That is a lot of coffee. My 480 isn't nearly that bad. I'm really not sure what to suggest...


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        Get rid of the Sunbeam I had head 2 they are sh-- machines. Get a decent grinder.


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          How old/fresh are the beans? that looks like a big sticky mess i used to get with crap ones.


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            Hey guys,

            Well, yeah... Now I have the issue that setting 11 is to finer and 12 is coarse (actually, 49 secs vs 23 secs shot to reach 60 ml)... Gee! There should be an "in between".

            I will explore changing the grinder.

            Coffee is good quality... that shot was VEneziano recently roasted.


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              Yeah... got the BCG800... night and day.... day and night! Got 4 consistent shots in a row


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                EM0480 coffee built-up in top burr?

                Originally posted by cherni78 View Post
                Yeah... got the BCG800... night and day.... day and night! Got 4 consistent shots in a row
                Very good choice. Glad you're happy.