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Doserless Grinder Mazzer Mini E or Fiorenzato Electronic grinder?

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    G'day ogip,

    The alternative is the super short 320g hopper which is not that much bigger. We have some.



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      Originally posted by ogip View Post
      I'm just about to purchase the mini-e (updated electrics). Where did you get the funnel for the mini? Do you weigh your beans with this arrangement?

      That was my process with the rocky previously but am questioning if I should be doing it with the mini.
      Hi ogip, yes I still weigh my beans...I just find that it takes out the guess work. I allow an additional 1gm of beans for purging any stale grinds left in the funnel.
      The funnel unfortunately I've only found available in the UK. Others available in Oz have a handle and I didn't want a handle on the funnel. Search "Kilner funnel". I got it from an online auction u know where. Note though that the neck of this funnel is actually a fair bit narrower than the mini e's throat so I've used a moka pot gasket to cushion it and stop any rattling (see photo attached). Also I put a spare double basket on top when I grind to stop the beans bouncing out.

      Alternatively you could get the short hopper that's meant to go with the mazzer which looks perfect and has a lid!

      Click image for larger version

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        A grinder decision should first be based on taste in the cup because conical and flat burrs taste different. Then think quality of manufacture and ergonomics and the space into which you plan to put the grinder. Final thought, $$$$$.

        If you put $$$$$$ first the quality of the preceding items could be compromised.

        I started with a Spong hand grinder. Then to a blade grinder (big mistake) then to a Rocky (it was a good one and lasted years) and finally the decision to get a Pharos, A Versalab and a Mazzer Kony-E. I traded in one hobby for another so $$$$ was not a big issue but space was/is.


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          Thanks everyone for the info.
          I'm off to Chris' tomorrow morning. The mini is still the lead case and will check out the shorter hopper.

          blrdfx you do raise an interesting point with taste. Didn't realise that taste was impacted by type of burr. Theoretically it makes sense but not sure if my buds are dialled in to pick up the subtleties. Will see if its possible to do a comparison and if I can pick it up.
          I just have to make sure I take the placebo out of the equation!! As tempting as a kony is...


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            You might prefer the flat burr taste, which would save you a bunch of money. The Kony clumps like crazy and with static screen removed it is not so bad with clumping but the static is much worse! If I were to get a machine of that size and cost again I would consider a Compak K-10 Fresh (slower rotational speed).

            On the Fiorenzato machines the cord exits the side of the machine and that might be an issue with your counter setup.

            As far the the 2 large $$$$ machines I own the Versalab M3 is the smallest in size, has the best grind quality and is super easy to change grind setting from espresso to drip and back. The Kony is the easiest to just grind a fixed setting and then de-clumping what it produced in the basket is required.

            I had a Rocky that worked well (must have been built on a Tuesday or Wednesday) and the grind was pretty good. The taste was different and maybe I should have kept it for taste comparisons. I had owned it for over 6 years and nothing ever went wrong, except stale coffee. I would think the MINI-E Mazzer would be in that rock solid category.

            I have noticed with the Kony hopper that if it is almost empty the programmed electronic dosing goes wacky but when full it is predictable. I suspect the MINI-E would do the same since it is probably the same system. I put on a Mini Short Hopper and get the same results. I have been making lexan tube hoppers that hold 1/4 lb or less and they need a weight on top of the beans for the electronic dosing to be effective.

            Whatever you get enjoy the coffee!!


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              So it's been over 2 months with the Mini E mod A and I've been predominantly using it instead of the Bezzera DSQ stepped grinder. I do use the stepped grinder when I have 2 SOs that grind at very different settings which has been a real bonus.

              Now I know I am being anal here but grinding 2g or so of beans out of the chute to clear the retention in the mini E has been annoying the hell out of me. last week the mini E started clumping like crazy out of nowhere so I took out the burrs and gave it all a good clean and looked at the chute just infront of the grind plates and it was chock full of grind. I don't believe that by grinding a few g of beans would clear all that out...maybe much of it but I hate the thought of drinking stale grind. So now I've taken the finger guard off and am brushing out the grind behind the screen with a long brush. At least I can now visually see that I have cleared it all. I orderd a Giottos Q Ball angleable air blower (funny about the brand of the blower) off the bay and am hoping this will help me blow out the last few bits I cannot reach with the brush since the static screen makes it hard to reach right to the back of the chute.

              I know it's ridiculous but now that I saw the amount of retention I can't let it go. You should see how spotless I brush out the doser of the other grinder!