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Isomac granmachiano a good grinder?

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  • Isomac granmachiano a good grinder?

    Originally posted by friartuck
    The Iberital Challenge Coffee Grinder Doserless is a good light commercial for Espresso's around $350 and well able to handle 20 coffees a day.
    Does anyone have an opinion on the isomac granmachiano as a good grinder?

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    The quote seems to be taken out of context so I think some clarifications are warranted:

    My opinion FWIW is the iberital challenge grinder is NOT a light COMMERCIAL grinder but an excellent home use grinder. There is absolutely no reason why it couldnt handle 20 coffees a day if they were well spread out through the day, HOWEVER if I was doing 20 a day I would buy something quicker and better match the kind of machine that I would use to do 20 a day, which certainly would not be a domestic end machine. Ergo, its about what you want to do in a day, and the kind of equipment you are prepared to live with. For 20 a day I would use a semi commercial and mate it up to a real small commercial grinder such as macap M2 or m4, mazzer mini, compak k3T, eureka mignon etc etc etc all of which are much more capable (ie easier to use / deal with) for......20 a day.

    That said, the Challenge is an excellent ("top end" if you like) domestic grinder, the grind quality is there and repeating, its just slow and noisy (and therefore frustrating to use) if you want to produce "many" coffees in a sitting.

    Without going into specifics, my opinion is, the Iberital Challenge is a much "better" grinder than the other mentioned in your question and if I were personally to have to choose between them, I would choose the Challenge.

    Hope that helps.
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      I have the isomac professionale which is pretty much the same. A very solid little grinder that does a great grind. The only issue that I have is the retention (approx 4g)
      You can get this out though by tipping forward and whacking the back. Not a huge issue but not stopping me from looking for a grinder with no retention at an affordable price.
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        I bought my dad the granmacino, I have a rocky so to compare I would say the quality of the grinds are almost identical, in fact the granmac is possibly slightly fluffy-er however it clumps quite a bit when u grind for espresso and the lever for changing the grind coarseness feels a bit flimsy


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          gentlemen please.....! there are delicate sensitivities in these forums ! I should have mentiond this originally........spelling...... gran macININO !

          I think you need to look at the total capability (performance if you will) VS expected lifespan VS expected service interventions over the lifespan VS the starting PRICE of these grinders (but not necessarily the aesthetics as I am more interested in their capability) and while this is always subject to individual opinion, I am afraid there is no comparison between the rocky and the gran macinino. Both work until they break down, and that's about the end of the comparison.


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            Fresh coffee I feel sorry for carts9 after your comment. How has that given he/she any direction/comparison?


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              Originally posted by Wynton87 View Post
              Fresh coffee I feel sorry for carts9 after your comment. How has that given he/she any direction/comparison?
              Really? carts made a post 6 weeks ago, in which he/she quoted something about the Iberital Challenge, then asked a question about the Granmacinino, with no apparent link b/w the two....and has not since engaged in the thread. I reckon he/she will be ok.


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                I guess what I'm trying to sat is if I wanted to know about the granmac I would want to know about it's characteristics, pros/cons build quality which I thought fresh coffee would know a bit about being quite experienced I'm sure


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                  Yes I understand where you are coming from Wynton because my second comment in this thread has only said that I feel that rocky and gran macinino are not comparable, and nothing further. I didnt mention which one would be my preference out of the two and for whatever reasons (and of course this discussion is only a 2 horse race that doesnt account for other brand / models).

                  I did that because
                  a) I am entirely with Barry on this one and feel the original question is "well past date" not to mention that the author never came back to offer any feedback nor thank anyone for their responses or update the forum on what he ended up with (if he was indeed looking for a grinder at all as the question really doeasnt say) and
                  b) ok I am happy to say my opinion is the rocky is light years ahead of the other in all ways and reflects much much much much much much better value for money when the two new prices are compared and I may as well throw in
                  c) after my immediate past comment in (b), the rocky is a small end commercial grinder with what I would call a "utility" body while the gran macinino is (was?) a better end domestic grinder with more attention given to its aesthetics. I prefer a basic looking small commercial that delivers at a very good level within its price bracket, to a better end domestic grinder for similar price where much more of the price seems to have been devoted to the aesthetics and,
                  d) there has been a lot of commentary in the forums in the last few years about the rocky seemingly having reached its "use by date" because new competing grinders have come on line that seem to offer more "features". This commentary apparently didnt foresee how our exchange rate and other relatively recent economic factors would result in the RRP of rocky dropping considerably making it currently and on the contrary, a very well priced grinder for what it does, and resulting in it continuing to sell like hot cakes as if to put the wind up those that said it had reached its use by date.... what does all of this mean for the gran macinino?

                  And proving once again, that there is always more to a piece of equipment than the apparent sum of its specs!

                  I have imported and sold both grinders ("gran macinino" under another name) and also sold the gran macinino, and still import the rocky so I hope that will allow me the licence to make such comments.

                  ...and i hope that expands adequately.

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                    Ok ok I concede fair comment


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                      I have read your reponses and it appears the granmachiano and the Rocky are in the same range give or take a few minor points here or there.
                      If i could get the Isomac Granmachino for $300 opposed to the rocky at $436 is it worth the saving or or bite the bullet and spend the extra cash on the Rocky look forward to your responses


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                        Sorry I didnt see this earlier.

                        At around the same price point and considering only these two grinders, you would be crazy not to buy the Rocky. If what you mean by "range" is price range. FWIW my opinion only, but there is no comparison in overall performance between the two, ie one is light years ahead of the other, chalk and cheese.

                        I dont know how you would get the gran mac for $300.00 except if second hand or in "shop soiled gotta go" type circumstances from a trader who is prepared to lose money to shift one unit out. Maybe you are talking about the gran mac's little brother the "professional" which would be the very same grinder internally, in the utility body....

                        In any case either way, only you can decide if the budget influences the overall quality of the grinder you will buy. ie are you prepared to buy the (my opinion) inferior grinder just because it is susbtantially cheaper? Do you want the 4 bedroom house on the waterfront, or will you walk away from it because a 3 bedroom house 3 streets back from the water is cheaper? Only you can answer that.

                        And of course if you can stretch to Rocky price, then that also puts you in in reach of Macap M2 and Compak K3 grinders give or take some tens of dollars but not far away....and I would buy one of those over the Rocky....and so it goes on. I doubt you would be able to detect any difference in brews made between rocky / M2 / K3 (given good operator technique and understanding of equipment, but the look and the feel of the grinders and the methods of adjustment on the M2 and K3 appeal more to me).

                        Hope that helps.

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                          Hi attillio

                          It is the Isomac professional I purchased which I got for $300 on line form My Di Bella who is a sponsor on this site

                          I am fairly sure I could not get either the "Granmachinino" or the "professional " for under $450 anywhere but did find the "professional" on My Di Bella web site for $300

                          So far it has been very good except the hopper rattles around a bit when I only dose enough for 2 shots

                          the quality of the grind is excellent and so far has complimented my Rancillio Silvia 3

                          I might have got the Gran machino mixed up with the professional but feel for $300 it is a step up from the breville machine and it matching grinder but as you suggest not as good as the Rocky

                          but as you said you feel the Rocky is far superior i might find out one day, or i might jump to the M2 or the K3 in the next chapter of my coffee journey

                          I did also go out and buy an ESPRO self regulating spring loaded tamper (30lb) the other day which has helped with my consistency to get a good extraction and crema

                          Kind regards Warren