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Grinder Sensitivity to Bean Roast... my uneducated experiences...

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  • Grinder Sensitivity to Bean Roast... my uneducated experiences...

    Having purchased a Mini-E earlier in the year I've been somewhat frustrated by what I saw as a combination of:

    1) The grinds coming out being too 'fluffed up' to fill the portafilter effectively (I was having to 1/2 dose, a light tamp and then do the other 1/2 dose).
    2) Issues getting the grind fine enough to target a 25 second pour without the grinder starting to choke having to wind up the grind time.

    I pretty much put this down to machine age - being new I was expecting it to take some time bedding in, and not having a huge weekly volume was expecting this to take some time.

    That all changed last week... Having used a combination of BeanBay pre-roast and self (dark) roasted beans over the last few months I under-roasted something in the order of CS6 (compared to my normal output in the CS9/10 range) after underestimating the required roast time in my new Behmor.

    Result after waiting a few days to allow the roast to mature has been startling...

    1) I'm getting much more volume, my 2 dose process is down to 1
    2) The grinds are much less fluffy, whilst they still pretty high in the portafilter they compress much less than before when tamping.
    3) I'm now able to use a timed output on my E. Something that frustrated the c%%p out of me when I bought it. There seemed to be no benefit over it's predecessor (Rocky) if I cant use the timer and the grinds were constantly overflowing when attempting a single dose.
    4) I'm no longer having to over-dose my PF to get the desired pour time.

    So... better Consistency.. timed output, better dosing/tamping and lastly less coffee to pour a shot.

    The last point is somewhat moot... because I'm enjoying the extraction process more I'm producing more shots

    Over the next couple if roasts I'll try to slowly raise the roast to see if I can get a darker output (which I prefer the taste of...).

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    It's good that you are happy with your dosing and tamping routine but I would expect CS6 beans to be pretty undrinkable as an espresso. Wouldn't it make more sense to get your dosing and tamping routine correct with beans you enjoy drinking.