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  • Quamar grinders

    I am hoping to have a play with these soon...They are Fiorenzato based.

    There are 2 which I plan to look at:
    • M1E which is slow speed conical. Speedwise, it looks to be somewhere around K10 (perhaps a little faster)
    • M80E is planar and might be a Super Jolly competitor- but for little more than Mini-manual RRP

    What's nice?
    • Price
    • A super short hopper will go on each and you could then have a big conical for the home which is about 500mm tall.
    • Colour choices
    • User interface. Amazing functionality.

    Any good? Dunno....Anyone used one?

    Stay tuned....

    .PDF attached.

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    Looks the goods doesn't it?

    This from the company website:

    "In December 2005 Quamar buys the company of a historical operator of this sector as Fiorenzato" (sic)


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      Originally posted by flynnaus View Post
      Looks the goods doesn't it?
      Sure does. The workmanship looks terrific. The interface is Macap like- but with waaaay more functionality.

      I have seen them in white and black and they look schmick.


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        I use a Fiorenzato Doge 63, which I think the Quamar M80 is based on. I love my Doge. Grinds like Super Jolly. Well built. Easy to clean out retained grinds. Built well.
        I haven't used any E models yet.


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          I have one grind on demand easily adjustable 3 dose settings bigger cutters and significantly cheaper with bigger cutters than a mazzer mini e


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            hello just wondering your thoughts on these grinders.


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              I've just scored a secondhand M80E in very good condition. I think I have the electronics etc figured out, but if some kind person has a copy of the manual I would be eternally grateful.

              I'm also keen to learn from others the best way to grind on demand using this unit or other similar electronic dosers. My previous grinder was a Rocky doser, where I weighed the beans and distributed using the doser. Worked well, but becomes tedious after a while. The Quamar M80E seems to grind and dose very consistently, but I worry how it would perform without the weight of beans in the hopper.

              Thanks Everyone!


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                I have had one of these for just over a year now. It's a white M80E

                Very happy. It's rock solid in performance. Has a good quality, well engineered feel overall

                Seems to handle anything I've thrown at it with ease. Eg the beanbay Maui mokka come out of the roaster like tiny black diamond-hard nuggets. A friend's mahlkonig vario choked on these beans (as does the built in on my old BES800 coffee machine) but the Quamar laughs at them like they are just coco pops

                Only gripes are pretty minor:
                - control panel/lid on top of funnel sometimes pops off and needs to be pressed back on
                - if dosing using manual button I find the touch sensitive button can be a bit unpredictable and sometimes take a couple of presses to turn off
                - auto dosing system under doses progressively as the hopper gets near to emptying. Probably similar on most brands I'm guessing
                - hopper is fine but a bit plasticky compared to the super solid body


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                  Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
                  Sure does. The workmanship looks terrific. The interface is Macap like- but with waaaay more functionality.

                  I have seen them in white and black and they look schmick.
                  so, what happened to the Quamar grinders ?
                  i have not heard much about them lately, though I notice they have some new models out overseas. IE, small 50mm unit with electronic doser !
                  the T48 "retro" look unit with 83mm burrs looks to be much more compact (shorter) than the similar big burr grinders (MMajor, K8 etc ). Anybody use one at home ?


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                    It looked promising early on because of the .....price....and apparent similarity to other good commercial grinders.

                    But there were a lot of bugs to iron out....

                    And over time, it became clear it was simply way better to pay more for the usual suspects and have long term reliable trouble free operation, than pay less and....

                    Then they seemed to upgrade themselves a bit and appointed an importer here, but after the first contact he seemed to disappear into a puff of smoke and....

                    ...Here we are !

                    They had a stand at HOST last year but I didn't stop to talk this time round.....


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                      They seem to get a good rap on the Euro and US forums, and the suggestion is that most of the range were the Fiorenzato grinders renamed. ? ( and there is another brand that seems to be poorly represented ?)
                      maybe the Italians keep all the best stuff for themselves ?


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                        They are sold by a non-sponsor supplier here in Sydney. I very nearly went for one, but the reputation of the Mazzer got me. They do look good, and yes apparently they were to have a smaller prosumer, Mazzer Mini E type model available soon - haven't been back there for a while.

                        Also a quick google and it appears CS sponsor Silipo Coffee sell them.


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                          Thanks for the tips.
                          I have also heard that there will be a Quamar display at the Aroma fest in Sydney this weekend
                          i still find it odd that they, ( Quamar and Fiorenzato) get practically no mention on forums or product reviews.
                          I also felt your comment as to why you chose the Mazzer was interesting, ...reputation , as there seems to be a different view in the US where the Mazzer (domestic) grinders are viewed a little like a 1980's Mercedes sedan .
                          That is rock solid reliable, but has been long super ceded in performance, value, features, and user satisfaction by various newer products .
                          im not suggesting the Quamar is that machine, but it's difficult not to get swayed by "peer pressure" and outdated information.."...especially when there is not much balanced info available on new offerings .
                          no mention of the new M50E on any of the local sites though ?
                          Click image for larger version

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                            I remember seeing them at MICE this year but I might be wrong but I thought they had another name. Anyway I was really interested in them and the salesman said the price was around $800 for the smaller one. Sort of equivalent to the functionality of the mazzer mini e as well as looks but a few hundred dollars cheaper but Its hard to go against a proven performer. I'd love some more info.


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                              Agree with you there b52, but if i expand on that 'reputation' to mean wide availibility of parts, service, advice, support from a local CS sponsor, the mazzer represented a safer bet for a me. Mind you I was every bit impressed by the Quamar grinders when I first looked and I am sure I would have been happy with it. BUT I am very, very happy with the coffee in my cup and that is the most important thing. As for peer pressure? I treat reviews like the scoring of judges at the olympics, delete the highest and lowest scores or ignore the most glowing reviews and the worst reviews.....when you look at it that way there aren't many reviews to read.