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Breville Smart Grinder stopped working

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  • Breville Smart Grinder stopped working

    as the title suggests, yesterday morning I was struck with the horror of facing a decaffeinated morning when I went to make my usual morning punch in the face.
    I've had no issues at all with my smart grinder, and I have only used Andy's beans in it so far. The grinder works, as in the burrs spin up, and the hopper is full, but beans aren't being ground. For those who own one you'll know that when the grinder is empty the motor spins at a higher rate and sounds higher pitched as it meets no bean resistance. This is what's happening. I get about a teaspoon of grinds come out and it seems to be an issue where the beans aren't feeding into the burrs properly. When I pulled it apart there was plenty of beans covering the burrs so it's not the hopper.

    I've cleaned the burrs with the brushes etc but no luck. This is day two of my nightmarish mornings and I fear I will withdraw and snap at someone.
    If anyone has any ideas or has experienced this please help!

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    Breville Smart Grinder stopped working

    Take it back and get a new one. Those are covered by a replacement warranty at point of sale - I'm guessing its still under warranty?