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  • What to pair with Cremina?

    Hi just picked up a Cremina, wondering what grinder I should buy to pair it with. Iv been using a rocky with my Silvia for the last yr, Id like timed or weighed dosing and I don't want to pay more than $1000 ideally. Thank you.

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    I wouldnt run with a base model timed grinder as they are never entorely accurate from one dose to the next. If you expect repeatable accuracy, forget simple "timed" grinders. On the basic level of "on demand" grinding then, I would prefer to use a manual on demand grinder ie you push the button with the group handle to start grinding, and you pull the group handle off the button to stop at your own discretion.

    If you want accuracy in a timed grinder, the only way (in my opinion) is with a programmable electronic. The smallest that I know of would be a Macap M2D which is an entirely nice grinder. You can go bigger to a macap M4D or to a Mini Mazzer Electronic or bigger again to whatever strikes your fancy.

    Then of course you need to pick something that will aesthetically look the part for you, and that really is in the eyes of the beholder. The Cremina has a boxy body, the macap grinders are rounded, the mazzers are a cross between the two....then there are the colours available, and its over to you!

    And of course given the budget, I think that lands you into no more that Macap M 2 D territory...

    I may be able to help (off line of course).

    Good luck,


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      Well the Macap M4D is a little over your budget but probably fits the requirement.

      Is the Rocky so bad? Why not give it a few weeks to get used to the new grinding and dosing regime before giving Rocky the flick?


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        Thanks for the good advice fresh coffee and flynnaus, do you guys know much about the vario/vario-w?


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          Originally posted by Wynton87 View Post
          do you guys know much about the vario/vario-w?
          Well those who own one speak well. That's as much as I know. How much of an improvement in grind quality over a Rocky is another question. I don't imagine it would be that much of a jump.

          Congrats on the new machine. Keep us posted on your journey.
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            Good post flynnie. I would say there is no improvement in *grind quality* per se, and it will very much depend on the machine itself whether it and wyntons modus operandi can work happily together with the grind adjustment possible on the rocky.

            Only one way to find out and I also wouldnt jump into a new grinder until you have explored what rocky can do for your individual situation. You may or may not find, that to spend all that extra money may not actually do anything for may not do much for the relative expense involved. Its a tricky balance of individual factors.

            Only you can decide by seeing if you can happily co exist with rocky and your new machine, and after that, seeing if you can have a play on another grinder and your machine at a sponsors show room, to see if you think it will work significantly "better" for you.


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              Cool that sounds reasonable I'll try that first thanks fresh coffee


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                I use a Compac K-3 Touch grinder with my Cremina. It replaced a Cimballi commercial that I had first. I find that even the budget priced K-3 has done a more than adequate job over the last five years. Our domestic coffee spoils every visitor for cafe coffee.( But the biggest factor there is home roasting).

                The Cremina's lever gives you so much flexibility, but a fairly precise grind is maybe a little more important than on other machines. I like having a stepless adjuster to sometimes grind just shy of the point where the machine chokes. A good tamper to fit Olympia's small basket is a must, of course.

                A little experimentation will quickly narrow down the small range where your new machine works best. Preheating the group head, waiting ten seconds between charging and pumping and FRESH coffee are all important.

                Good luck.


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                  I use a VoodooDaddy-pimped Pharos with my Creminas and it works a treat!


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                    I use a Mazzer mini-e with my Creminas and it does a better job than my previous grinder, a Rocky DL.

                    If you are not fussed by a hand cranked grinder then the new HG One grinder will almost definitely produce the best grind for your buck. (Though the Pharos would come close and is much cheaper, but surely more of a PITA to use). Here's the link and a picture HG one | tools for building better coffee
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                      Compak F10


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                        Originally posted by KopiOkaukau View Post
                        Compak F10
                        ...3 years late !


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                          Yes, Because I have just joined Coffee Snobs ( Nice Forum )