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Simple stepped to stepless conversion

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  • Simple stepped to stepless conversion

    Completely chuffed in my recent travels across the coffee cyberspace to stumble across such a simple solution for converting a stepped to a stepless grinder.

    Unscrew the burr retaining ring, take off the stepping retention mechanism, apply a small amount of plumbing tape to the ring, and screw it back in. A bit of fiddling around to get just the right application of plumbing tape, and voila, a stepless grinder!

    This simple, inexpensive mod has worked a treat on my trusty old La San Marco SM2, thereby overcoming my only gripe.

    I was so enthused that I lashed out and bought a new set of burrs. Now my shot making has improved 100%.

    Woo hoo.

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    I am surprised nobody has commented on this - is it old news?


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      I really need to do this on my office Gaggia MDF. I believe it's the most common way to go to a stepless rig if the grinder has a threaded burr carrier assembly.

      nice job mate


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        Did a similar thing on my ANFM grinder many months ago so I can now make tiny adjustments that could not be done previously with the steps.


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          Did the same also a while back. Easy and effective. Just replace the tape every time you give the grinder a good clean.


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            Originally posted by slowdown View Post
            I am surprised nobody has commented on this - is it old news?
            In a word...yes !
            ..but you should have known that as you read about it on the net !
            It has been a standard mod on the Rocky for many years.