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    I am seriously thinking of buying a Baratza Preciso but just wanted to know if it is the way to go before I take the plunge. What do people think of them? Is there something better for just a little more money, say the $500 mark? I understand that a conical burr grinder is better than a flat burr. But if so why are there some higher end machines that have a flat burr grinder? I am primarily going to use it to make espresso but want to make french press as well.


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    Hi Finegrind

    I have just purchased a Preciso and I would say I like the grind quality and speed better than the K3 touch or Mazzer mini,

    They are a more compact unit but not as solid as the K3 or Mazzer but for low volume home use should be suitable,

    You can buy replacement parts at fairly low cost if needed

    Low grind retention is also good

    I purchased it for my wife to use as she was not happy using the Mini with the doser where as I use a Pharos hand grinder,

    I have been using the Preciso myself and like the results I think its a great grinder for the price.




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      I've heard from friends and other coffee snobs that this is a brilliant grinder, especially for the money. Grind consistency is excellent (especially for filter brewing). There's also a steel burr set you can get to further improve consistency (but sort of renders the grinder useless for espresso). Very little grind retention and pretty fast. If it was available when I bought my Mazzer, I'd have bought it instead of the Mazzer for sure. Read around. David Walsh of "other black stuff" has some interesting thoughts on the Baratza's.


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        Well the plot thickens. I have been reading and discovered a few things about the difference between the Vario and the Preciso. And for that matter the difference between conical and flat burr grinders. I have seen a number of different places on the web that are all saying a flat burr will produce a more sweet and more pronounced chocolate flavour and a conical burr will produce a more bright coffee flavor with higher citrus notes. For me I am after more of the sweet and pronounced chocolate flavor from my espresso. When I bought my Pharos hand grinder (and was quite new to the game) I was of the understanding that a conical burr was simply superior to a flat burr. Confusing! Does anyone know anything about theses claims?


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          That is simply a minefield of conjecture, misinformation, bias, pride and poorly conducted and subjective trials ( 'clash of the titans' sort of thing on another site ).
          Ultimately, the only way for you to decide is to do side by side comparisons with bedded in flat and conical burr sets of similar sized/priced grinders using the same roasts and making method.
          You might find one is more complex than the other and shows more points of difference between roasts, while the other won't find flavours that aren't there.
          After having both types on my bench I honestly don't have an overall preference, they are just different. One has more clarity, the other different mouthfeel.
          One is definitely better for filter/pourover roasts the other might work better with certain flavour profiles, which are then obscured by milk.
          You have a stated preference for sweet and chocolate; you will see both those characters with both types of grinders, they will just be different. It's not as though a
          chocolatey blend or bean will be all cocoa and sweetness in a flat and then apples and lemons with mouth puckering acidity in a conical. Nor will a coffee that is cherry and plum and cedar wood shavings in a conical go all cadbury in a flat. I've even read that unless you admit to only liking flat burrs you could be accused of lying............. go figure that one!!
          If you can, get yourself to a good machinery supplier, with a couple of different coffees that you like, so you can do comparisons yourself and then TRUST YOUR OWN SENSES to help you decide. Neither type wears a badge of superiority.

          I've actually come to the conclusion that for my taste in coffee and to experience the full nuances of flavour from any one bean, blend and roast I have to have both. At the same time. Bummer! Like a polygamist with two mistresses. I wish..................... (the grinders not the mistresses!! ;-0)


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            Geez, I had made up my mind to get the k3, but now I'm not sure. I intend to use it for espresso AND my aeropress, probably going through 200 gr. a day. Any recommendations?


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              Hi raf, I purchased the Preciso recently to use as my pourover/brewing grinder, it is fantastic for this purpose with negligible grind retention, quick and fairly quiet, nice and compact so it doesn't take up too much space. If you are going to use the grinder for espresso and your aeropress the Preciso may be a good choice as the adjustments are easy to use and return to previous settings whereas you may have to dial in the Mazzers or K3's etc each time you change your extraction method! Good luck with making your decision.........!!


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                some more food for thought:--


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                  Originally posted by FineGrind View Post
                  Well the plot thickens....................I was of the understanding that a conical burr was simply superior to a flat burr. Confusing!....................
                  They are different, and contrary to all the hoo har contained in the www, that doesn’t mean one is superior to the other, it just means....they are different....! Add to that that many "reviewers” in your local "trust network" (the www), are simply plagiarising stuff they've read round and round and round and round and don’t actually have the first hand experience, then you might begin to understand the magnitude of the problem.......When is one type of grinder superior to another, and are we comparing *comparable models* or not. There are all different size, brand, model grinders pitched at different levels of the market and according to their particular applications have certain pros and cons. How does that make one broad group of grinders, when you only differentiate them by virtue of the kind of plates/burrs they employ, "superior" to another. Define "superior" (that’s a figurative question not a specific question to the author of the quote), and in what context does that superiority lie?

                  I found the post (authored by chokkidog) that follows the one quoted is quite a good "short" summary, realistically covering a number of relevant angles in the generally (I think) flawed discussion of conical VS flat, where many owners through reading all this stuff become insecure about the perceived level of quality of their own equipment, making them feel the “need to upgrade(?)" equipment that didn’t need "upgrading" for their application, in looking for some kind of intangible grinder nirvana. It is of course good for business......

                  There is a whole lot more in the “total package” of a “superior grinder” than just the type of burrs employed, and a client could also find a superior flat plated grinder when upgrading in an upwards direction, if he or she were not coerced into thinking (incorrectly) that flat plate grinders as a group are inferior.....

                  And of course, there are lots of people drinking the brand/label/model/specs of their equipment rather than the brew it produces.

                  If the Preciso as a package is a nice grinder and suits your budget as well your list of exprectations then by all means buy it, but if there are other grinders in a similar price bracket you would be crazy not to check them out as well irrespective of the type of burrs they employ. Try your preferred supplier for advice.

                  And that’s enough from me for the moment.
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                    PLEASE could we see a review of this grinder from one of the CS sponsors , myself and alot of other members would love to get some experienced feedback from one of two of you,
                    We are getting a few CS members now who are very happy with their preciso and more people are now looking at this grinder as an option.


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                      Actually I think you did it pretty well in post number 2 above ! Any more would just be padding.


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                        Hey guys I just bought a Preciso as well and I am yet to use it. I was wondering if someone can give me an idea on what grind setting I should start at?
                        I am using a sunbeam 6910 with VST 18g basket and fresh dibella beans.

                        All the Preciso's are meant to be more or less exactly the same as each other - so if I can save some coffee by starting off at whatever setting you guys use, that would be great!


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                          Haven't got one (yet), but a review I read on it got a good espresso grind from 10 on the macro, midway on the micro. The review didn't mention which machine it was for.


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                            Originally posted by applor View Post
                            Hey guys I just bought a Preciso as well and I am yet to use it. I was wondering if someone can give me an idea on what grind setting I should start at?
                            I am using a sunbeam 6910 with VST 18g basket and fresh dibella beans.

                            All the Preciso's are meant to be more or less exactly the same as each other - so if I can save some coffee by starting off at whatever setting you guys use, that would be great!
                            They are all different from factory so just get yours grinding to something that feels close to very fine sand and adjust from there,

                            The grinders can be calibrated by the owners to suit your needs, if you go to the Baratza website and look under troubleshooting then under grinding to fine or to coarse you can down load the calibration instructions,

                            When I got mine I had to go down to a macro 2 for espresso grind, I have since calibrated it and now I have it set on macro 6

                            Mine is still grinding and I have had no problems with it.


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                              I have my Precisio set on 9 macro, half-way micro. I'm loving the results.
                              The Baratza website suggests a starting point of 8 for espresso. :: Baratza | Grind Settings ::Baratza

                              I like the micro-adjustments. I notice an obvious difference by changing just 2 slots of the micro adjustment. 4 or 5 slots of micro really alters the extraction time. I'm glad the micro-adjusting lever is there - compared with the Baratza Virtuoso

                              As Cadan noted, there are some really good troubleshooting pdf's on the Baratza website. Diagnosing problems is not too difficult by following them.