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Matching Compak K3 Touch to a BZ99 - Help Please!

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  • Matching Compak K3 Touch to a BZ99 - Help Please!

    Both machines are new acquisitions.
    BZ99 2 months, Compak 3 weeks.
    This is my 3RD machine and 2nd Burr grinder.

    Baby Steps
    1st machine and grinder so basic not worth talking about.

    Once up and Running
    The common step! - EM6910 /EM0450.
    Once the grinder was dialled in - with spacer - alls good and away I went.
    But couldn't lift results above sour / bitter extractions across three years - 1/2 dozen pours a week.
    Each step logged and adjustments made accordingly each time.

    Yes fresh roast - (Local Sponsors )

    Enter well maintained BZ99.
    After approx 6-8 pours wella - sweetness in the cup I only occasionally experienced at a the odd cafe.

    Take Note Baristas! - As I travel for business that equals 10 coffees a week never two at the same location in a day / week.
    However to get a sweet flavourful coffee is not that often or common even n pro Barista land.
    Just MHO, but no criticism.

    Please forgive me Good Cafe's like - Dandelion at Ascot in Brisbane AND New site on the Twmba Hwy at Marburg called 3 Girls Cafe these are excellent!

    Anyway back to the subject.
    My thought was that upon research - that a K3 is a reasonable match to the BZ99.
    This leaves me further room for future upgrades - Machine and Grinder.

    Enter the K3
    After cleaning, re-assy, checking adjustment of burrs - running grinder with no beans whilst slowly adjusting finer till
    burrs just touch, then back off a touch,
    Then adjust up a touch finer / further to suit bean, flavour, character of the extraction. ie Trial and error.

    I thought I had researched and understood what path to go down.

    Now I could get a good result from the EM0450, but realistically grinding this fine (EM6910= setting 13-14,BZ99 = 10,11)
    therefore at a 5th more finer you could here the grinder struggling.
    So pension it off go the K3 route. Yes and it was expected / planned fr.

    However with the burrs just touching I experienced fast pours but not gushers.
    So - finer I went, till I got a slow even extraction - in the first 3rd of the pour. But then channelling /overpressure /under-dosing /thin extractions - these were all experienced. No probs - keep trying finer grind, more tamp / less tamp / more dose (weighed and measured).
    Note I followed KK and his experience in set up / dose / measure. Thanks KK, I have no doubts you have me on the right track.
    And I'm happy to continue to follow your lead / recommendations.

    So There could be maintenance issues / readjustment of the machine required. Yes I will get that attended to if necessary.
    Checking brewhead temp / pressure stat.

    NOW Here's the ISSUE - today the grinder gummed up completely.
    Grinds just caked up in the burrs and cage area. Absolutely no beans able to flow down thru the hopper.
    So I have fully cleaned and re-assembled.

    So had I gone a step to fine ? Ony about a qtr of one notch and newer fresher roast (2 weeks old instead of 4-6) was the only change.

    Well like I said I only get to do 10-12 pours a week.
    So by the time you buy two or three diff roasts it does stretch to 6-8 weeks age before a 250g roast is finally used.

    So guys your experience please.
    Obv back to a courser grind setting - Yes.
    When previous owner demo'd the BZ99 prior to purchase I did notice how heavy he tamped,
    it was very noticeable!
    I do what I think is around 30kg or there about's.
    He may have been 40+ and really stepped on it.

    So guys any ideas

    Other info / steps i do -
    Orig Bezzera Porta and Baskets - 9g single and 14g dble.
    Plus just got new Naked Porta.
    Have tried this with the single filter - no spurting as I might have expoected
    but still (of course) fast pour didnt change.

    Heat up group porta and basket
    flush group couple of times before first pour.
    cooling flush immed prior to desired pour
    have cleaned, back flushed and checked inside top cover -alls good no obv issues.

    My only concern with this BZ99 is that with the 9g single filter it is inclined to want to
    over pressure / channel the puck / break thru the puck at 1/3rd pour.Increased flow rate at this point
    is very noticeable.

    Other than that even with the less than great pour characteristics - the flavour / sweetness is immed
    noticeable over the EM6910.

    I am thankful to all that give their opinions / experience here because it was these
    posts that lead me to this modest but I think great HX machine.

    Thanks indeed go to KK, Brendogs and many others for your prev posts, oh also AM and others for setting me in the right direction
    with the aforementioned EM6910.

    Any thoughts on the Bezzera BZ99 /K3 combo greatfully recd.

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    Just a thought you mentioned you adjusted your grinder with no beans running through it i believe you should make adjustments especially going finer with the grinder running with beans going through it, thats what i have read anyway.


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      Well I 'zeroed' it. that is I got the burrs to just touching point when running. then backed away from that. now I then started with matching my beans to the BZ99 by trial and error based on extraction quality / flow /taste.
      I continued to fine up the grind based on results - channelling is occurring mid pour - with out reaching where I believe I could / should get to. That is a better result than a EM0450 / Em0480. I have a setting on the Em0450 with the same beans that gives a very good extraction.

      Intermediate result is I blocked up the chute of the K3 - indicates to me I'm too fine.
      So now I have backed off with the fineness and trying heavier tamp. Still poor result.

      Question -Should the K3 show evidence of looseness /slack / movement in the top burr holder / adjustment ring collar. this is from the 3 tangs / guides that lock in the top burr. I checked a K10 /A10 (?) at a roaster /cafe and it was rock solid at the adjustment ring


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        If you are seeing channels, the issue will usually be dose and distribution related. In most cases it's underdose coupled with poor distribution.

        The fact that you have coffee which should be fresh and yet you are choking the grinder supports the above.

        I have answered your final question in your other thread.



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          Originally posted by EspressoAdventurer View Post

          NOW Here's the ISSUE - today the grinder gummed up completely.
          Grinds just caked up in the burrs and cage area. Absolutely no beans able to flow down thru the hopper.
          So I have fully cleaned and re-assembled.
          You don't normally need to pull the k3 apart if/when this happens. Just back the grinder off towards the coarse end of things (while grinding) and it will clear and start grinding. Then slowly adjust back to the target grind. FWIW (and I realise there are machine-specific differences) I rarely have the grind setting very far away from having the silver knob thing lined up with the middle of the chute (i.e. pointing straight at the operator). A touch either side of that point for different beans / older beans etc.