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Bezzera Grinders any good?

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  • Bezzera Grinders any good?

    My local coffee service guy is offering me a Bezzera BB004 Grinder for a very good price.

    Has anyone used a Bezzera grinder? Are they any good, and what would they be comparable to in regard to grind quality. Would they compare to a Rocky, or more like a Mazzer.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    This model will be equivalent to a rocky (50 mm planar grinding plates).

    Mazzer is a "brand" rather than a model, and it covers a range of grinder types and sizes, so "grind quality" cannot be compared, unless we nominate something in the mazzer range that will be similar in type. The closest will probably be the M Mini with 58 mm planar grinding plates. This means, depending on motor speed or geared revs, that the mini might deliver grinds more quickly (or not) due to the larger diameter of the grinding plates HOWEVER that doesnt necessarily mean the quality of the grinds is any "better" ie, if you set both the BB004 and an MM up side by side and use the same operator, same bag of beans and the same coffee machine, will there be any noticeable difference in the quality of the resulting brews (once you have set both grinders up to deliver the very best result it can, together with your best technique to suit)??? Probably not, that could be attributed to particle quality per se. Any differences in the two grinders would lie in other areas, what they are initially designed for, what is the "end use brief", and the opinion of any particular tester or end user.

    Just note that the BB0040 *may* have a bit of slack in the locking pin (of the adjuster). We have addressed this in similar grinders in the past, by substituting or making up thicker pins that sit much more snug in the hole, and /or the adjuster itself *may* have larger steps between one setting and the next. If so it would compare closely with the rocky in that regard, although I've never found it a problem because I am able to vary my operator technique slightly to suit (ie if I think one step is a little fine but the next step is a little coarse), as any good operator should be able to.....but it does seem to bother some operators trying to run with a uniform coffee making technique despite all the ever changing variables involved in the black art of coffee making.

    After that you need to decide whether you want a "doser" or "on demand" type of grinder, what your budget is, and whether you can see any value in spending more on something else.


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      Thanks for your advice. As I am new to home coffee making I guess I'm not entirely sure. My criteria would be this I guess:

      Price: About $400 ( I was willing to go to $450 but it is a bit of a stretch). I can't justify more at this stage until I determine it isn't just a passing fancy that I will get bored with after a few weeks.
      Doser/Doserless : Not sure. I guess i like the idea of a Doser to help get the dose correct after I set it up one. However as I only make one cup a day I suspect I will waste a lot of beans due to the doser.

      I guess until the service guy suggested a Bezzera I was looking at either a Ilertal Challenge or a Rocky.


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        To put it in perspective for you, the grinders you mentioned will be ultra long lived with little service required unless damaged. The Challenge will be slow and noisy compared to the other two. The Rocky and Bz will be far quicker to deliver and therefore a lot less noisy overall (and it is a different type of noise). These two are also the strongest / heaviest build.

        If budget is an issue there are other alternatives that have come into the market in the home use sector. If the "shimming" problem in the Sunbeam em480 has been addressed, this has quite a low budget threshold for a basic better end starter grinder. Then there is the Brevile "smart" grinder, and atleast a couple of Baratza models. These will all cost you less to get into than the Bz and Rocky, however these two may well be simpler and the most bullet proof long term as mentioned above. If its important to you, the Rocky and the Bz will have the largest steps in their adjusters... So there are always compromises where you have to decide what is best for your situation.

        By the way, you DONT use the doser for dosing in low volume use or you will either waste a lot of coffee or if not, you will use horrible stale grinds to make your coffee with. In home use, the doser is just a container that your grinds fall into, that you sweep out of into your group handle. You only grind enough for the sitting, and you sweep it all throiugh so there is nothing left. So whether you use a doser or an on demand grinder, you still have to learn to manage the grinder properly and only grind and dose for the coffee to be made in the current sitting.



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          Re: Bezzera Grinders any good?

          Thanks again for the info.

          I think ill give the Bezzera a go and start learning. With help and support from the service guy I think its worth it. And the price is right for a semi-commercial machine.


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            Bezzera Grinders any good?

            I have the same bezzera grinder and haven't had any issues. As fresh coffee mentioned I just adjust my tamping if I find that a step is too big, I only place as many beans as I am wanting to grind in one go and I give it a good brush out when I'm finished to make sure there are no lingering grinds


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              Bezzera Grinders any good?

              If your budget is up to 450 what about a K3P? These are an excellent grinder for the money and can be picked up new for 450. These are doserless which in my opinion is far better in a home environment (though I appreciate that others will disagree with me on this).


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                Re: Bezzera Grinders any good?

                Well I dived in and got the Bezzera grinder.

                After a few weeks of use I am very happy. I have found it easy to use and setup. I have played with thr grind a little bit, but have found a setting I am now happy with.

                One bonus of the type of grinder is that it is quiet.

                Most importantly the coffee tastes good.

                Thanks again for the advice.