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Restoring an old Quickmill Omre Grinder

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  • Restoring an old Quickmill Omre Grinder

    Hey I got hold of an old Quickmill Omre grinder apparently used in a cafe in the 80's. It's in reasonable condition although very dirty. It's missing the doser glass, the forks that hold the portafilter plus also a grinds tray. I cant seem to find any pictures of this particular model nor any parts although I haven't done extensive research on this yet as I'm still in the dissasembly and cleaning phase. Can any snobs offer some thoughts on sourcing the missing parts and any dissasembly instructions relating to getting access to the burrs which is proving tricky at the moment. I've given it a bit of inox overnight to try an persuade it tomorrow. Here are some pics..

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    For spares, if you are in Australia, call Cantarella Bros. As far as I know they were the importers. That doesnt mean they will have any after so long, but it would be the first place to try.

    Take care of the unique glass hopper, because you may never get another...

    Someone else posted something about an Omre grinder in here some time back, so better do a search.



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      Thanks fresh coffee. I am in Australia so I will try the importers you mentioned - thanks for the tip.

      It may be me but I've tried searching for omre threads or even any other remotely related grinders and have dredged up very little. I found a little info on another well known website but was largely underwhelmed. I tried again after your suggestion with little success.

      Has anyone tried the path of getting some custom plastic to fit the doser chamber? What do you think the likelihood of using another brands doser plastic?

      I'll keep tinkering away and see how far I get....


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        Has anyone tried the path of getting some custom plastic to fit the doser chamber?
        Yep, thin, clear perspex cut to size and put in place works fine.

        ...but if you happen to find parts let me know. I have the same grinder with the same problem so either they were perspex and went brittle or they were glass and broke.

        My grinder is in the "wish I had more time to play" queue. Pretty similar to yours but a different base. I'll take some pictures when I dig it up.


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          Just a thought.....if you are not having any joy in Australia try coffee machine collector & trader Enrico Maltoni at:

          He may be able to point you in the right direction, if indeed there is one in terms of Omre....I used to have a "twin set" (a bench grinder version similar to yours in Siamese twin format), but it went way back in the mid eighties and if memory serves correct parts may have been a problem even then.....


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            Thanks for the tips again.

            I'll see how I go with the importers first. The perspex might be the only option. If I can get one made and its not prohibitively expensive Ill see if you want one too Andy.

            Anyone know how to dissasemble the burr section and doser? Im trying not to break it..

            More photos:

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              Hi Pretzal,

              Great project!
              Here are some suppliers of glass/ borosilicate tubing that may be of help with the doser chamber.
              Amcor are bottle manufacturers, I'm not sure if they do tubing but may have a bottle size that would fit, if cut down.

              Cheers and good luck! 8-D

              Minson Art Glass - Supplies

              Tubing - Glass tubes for pharmaceutical, laboratory, electronics, environmental technology, lighting and industry. | SCHOTT AG http://

              Amcor Glass


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                Thanks chokkidog,

                Plenty of leads there. I'll also try something local too in Adelaide and see what turns up. Appreciate the thoughts everyone.


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                  Ok I got the burrs apart with a bit of persuasion and logic. They aren't very sharp not surprisingly.

                  The only one left is the doser lever mechanism. I'm trying the allen key nut from below. Anti-clockwise rotates the doser mechanism and clockwise I cant get it to move at all. Can anyone shed some light on the likely disassembly?
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                    Acryllix Plastics in Welland may be of help, they have all manner of perspex material. Pretty sure the Mazzer part could be made to fit with a bit of persuasion, it's available from CoffeeParts, part no. 702320.


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                      Thanks Rick,

                      I'll give them a try. I supplied the approx measurements of the doser
                      lens to coffeeparts but unfortunately they don't have anything
                      suitable so I'll try the importers, quickmill then the custom option.
                      Coffeeparts look like they have the burrs and a grinds tray that will
                      suit plus maybe the portafilter holder that might work but I think
                      I'll keep trying to find an original portafilter holder rather than go
                      the modified path just yet.

                      Appreciate all the input.


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                        OK so a little update on the progress...

                        I've managed to source some Burrs they are on the way from the US from a guy who has one. He also has an original Portafilter holder and supplied a photo so at least I know what they look like now. He has also offered to draw up an engineering diagram so I can get one fabricated which will be great.

                        I've been doing a fair bit of cleaning...

                        Very happy with this one once I managed to get rid of a tonne of gunky silicon out of the throat of the grinder. I'm going to have to support the glass hopper with something as there is a bit to much movement without the silicon...

                        The Doser is probably the worst part of the grinder thus far - it will probably need to be re-chromed is its a bit flaky...

                        I've managed to get the Top Burrs off but am still stuck with 2 screws on the bottom burr carrier. I'm double teaming it with a freezing spray then followed by Inox. I'll just have to keep persevering....

                        It looks as though there are no deal breakers to being able to complete this now. Hopefully I dont run out of steam myself


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                          Well an update to this thread - things are still moving along albeit slowly now as other day to day life has taken precedence.

                          The burrs are still in transit from the US. I have sourced a sheet of polycarbonate from Acrilix Plastics that I intend to use to fix the missing doser lens - we'll see how that goes as the plastic will need to be bonded/riveted which the original one seems to be. It's that or buying a 3mm thick clear plastic tube (120mm diameter) and cutting out a small sliver to reduce it to about 117mm that I require. Less certain about this option as the internal diameter might be insufficient to allow the doser sweeper to do its thing.

                          The chromers have the pieces I'm getting quoted to re-chrome. It seem the parts are aluminium which doesn't take to being re-chromed very well. I may have to get the chrome removed and polished instead. They will call me tomorrow to discuss my options.

                          Just missing now is the portafilter holder, but this looks relatively straight forward to fabricate if required.

                          The stainless steel body polished up a treat by hand so no need to get this professionally done as the improvement would be barely noticeable for a large investment.

                          I'll post some more photos when the doser section is finished.


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                            Congrats, Pretzal, looks absolutely beautiful. Presumably no wobble in the motor and bearings which may spoil things for you? Hopefully not.


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                              Hopefully not! It sounded fine when I initially switched it on and tested it - Once its fully cleaned I'll assemble it and assess this more.