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Another Comparison: Smart Grinder Versus Baratza Preciso longevity and service

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  • Another Comparison: Smart Grinder Versus Baratza Preciso longevity and service

    Hi everybody,

    haven't been on this forum for so long that I needed to register again.

    After going through a long espresso phase I discovered the "cold coffee"-method a year ago. I was now thinking of getting a new grinder and after reading so much on the forums I still can't make up my mind.

    I need a grinder that is foolproof for my wife so dosing and stepped adjustment should be minimum. Most of the time we make a plunger coffee but from time to time I do a good old espresso (classic italian pressure pot). Both the Smart Grinder and the Baratza Preciso offer the minimum requirements.

    Both grinders have their pros and cons but the one thing I can't find any info about is how sturdy the two are build. I prefer to buy products that can be serviced or simply last a long time.
    Does anybody have any info about the two grinders?

    With the SG I fear that as a consumer product it will start playing up 3 months after the end of warranty. The Baratza sounds a lot more prosumer but I've never seen one or touched one and I know nobody on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane that stocks them so I know nothing else than what the reviews mention. I wouldn't like to freight the grinder down to 5senses in VIC because of technical issues.

    Any help with the decision is greatly appreciated.


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    I have a Preciso, what do you want to know? It's pretty sturdy, quite heavy. Casing is very easy to pull off if you need to calibrate, clean, or just want to look inside. It's pretty well made. Has far less electronics than the smart grinder from what I can tell.

    Indeed with the Preciso you would have to take it back to where you bought it (5senses?) Whereas with the smart grinder, I guess you just stroll in to myer (or wherever you bought it, and get a replacement).

    I should mention, 5Senses customer service is outstanding.


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      Hi James,
      Read your review on the Preciso. On of the reasons I consider this grinder. Does the grinder ship with a spare parts list similar to commercial grinders or is it a "send in for repair or throw away" product like the SG?

      I used to restore commercial machines and grinders so taking that thing apart isn't an issue. I just hate plastic clips or the likes that brake apart easily or some unimportant part that gives up and you have to chuck the entire machine away.



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        Originally posted by JamesM View Post
        I should mention, 5Senses customer service is outstanding.
        That it is, James. It arrived 2 days after ordering. I must say that your review was spot on. It's grind is awesome and the machine is sturdy as and repairable.

        In regards to mechanical longevity there are a few things noteworthy:
        A: Silicon Sleeve will degrade over time so best to have replacement in stock
        B: The holder of the outer burr will degrade over time too if you switch between settings regularly. From a design point of view you will still be able to dial in precisely but you will always have to come from one direction. For example going from 20 to 10 can be done in one go with the grinder running but going from 10 to 20 would have to go in two steps. First 10 to 22-25 and second 22-25 back to 20 with grinder running. It's the same method you use on lathes and milling machines to achieve precision. Best is to have that part as spare too.
        C: The hopper is integral to the dial mechanism so best to have a hopper as spare too.
        D: The dial knob for the timer is just stuck on so I can see that going walkabout. A spare can't be bad.

        Maybe it's just me but I hate having to throw a machine out because spares run out so I always get spares when I buy a machine. I learnt this lesson with my first expensive soldering iron.

        Thanks for the advice,



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          Another Comparison: Smart Grinder Versus Baratza Preciso longevity and service

          Let me know how much you get out of the machine until you are having to replace parts!