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  • Playing with a Kony-E

    I am currently playing with the Kony-E, after reading the break in time for this grinder I wanted to see how it performs. Had a couple of bags of coffee on hand, set grinder up in the out of the box setup. Run a bit fast, couple of notches finer and almost there. Great following day, drip drip....So many, many pulls later (at this point very annoying) - I am now on setting 8 of the grinder completely opposite from fine wouldnt mind if this a few notches but this is considerable. Even this is hit an miss lately.

    To confirm yes, tried various bags of Different coffee, tried leaving in a dark cupboard, fridge (wine fridge 20 degrees) - this morning started at setting 8 and drip drip....good grief. Even do the one or two grinds in the bin first. The grinder I think has done about 400 shots I think...Coffee machine has been on and running 30 mins or so.

    So is this the break in what everyone is talking about ? If so at least I know, if not then am lost and need to rethink. Eliminated my tamp to with a tamp mat, so done all the necessaries to get consistent - so either A. Grinder needs breaking in, B. Machine perhaps (although) its just been serviced and works all tickety boo.

    I thought Melb weather would be more stable than QLD for grinding, anyway thought I would put to the forum - help me out.


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    The break in period for new burrs is a long process for home users as it takes many kg's. If the new burrs are particularly rough there may be some coarse adjustment immediately after purchase. Otherwise it will be a matter of minor adjustments over weeks and more likely months of time until the burrs are completely broken in.

    Grinders are not 'set and forget' devices when used for espresso. As the temp and more importantly the humidity changes the grind setting will need to be adjusted. As the beans age the grind will need to be adjusted. If you use a different bag of coffee/change coffees you'll need to adjust the grind. If you use the same beans but from a different roasting session guess what. Yup. You'll need to adjust the grind setting.

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      Thanks Java - looks like breaking it in then, I can account for most of it. Wanted to check if the Kony-E really does play around this much initially...which by all accounts it does. Ok a thousand or so more coffees to go then I guess.