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Upgrading the Rocky

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  • Upgrading the Rocky

    Hey all!

    I've read coffeesnobs for a long time, and recent joined and started posting my own waffle. ;-)

    I've been toying with the idea of upgrading my Rocky grinder for a while (paired with the Silvia) and wanted some thoughts on the next step-up? I'm happy with/prefer the doserless as I usually only do 1-2 doubles at a time.

    My problems with the Rocky are the grind retention (not too bad, but it holds a bit), slow speed & it doesn't seem to do very well when grinding for plunger/syphon/brewed. I'm also wondering if there is some flavour hiding in my beans that the Rocky just can't find!

    So... upgrade? I've seen the Compak K3 recommended a few times - would it be much of an improvement?

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    I've recently been in the same boat as you, having decided it was time to upgrade from Rocky. I suspect there are many grinders in the market at very similar price point and specs - all of which no doubt have a fervent following, and will be recommended in subsequent posts. Being a bit cynical I suspect that you won't see a big difference in the cup unless you're willing to spend up substantially.

    My reasons for upgrading, in order of priority, were: Grind retention, consistency, heat transfer, noise. As I only make one coffee per day (21g basket - at 06:30) speed isn't important, but noise is!

    The grinders that offer better consistency and less heat transfer than Rocky have larger burrs, and don't solve the issue of retention, in many cases exacerbate it due to being mainly commercial machines, but most of these are faster than Rocky, for the same reason.

    Cutting to the chase... I decided to go with the 83mm HG One, currently waiting patiently for delivery, watch this space. I'm pretty sure this grinder is going to polarise the forum, as can be seen from the initial post on the subject, but it ticks all MY boxes - it's the grinder I'd build if I could. It's not cheap though, but nothing a few extra shifts won't sort out.

    I have decided not to sell Rocky as I won't get enough of a return, and I want a pour-over grinder for larger groups, so I don't have to change settings of the HG One once dialled in.


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      Upgrading the Rocky

      Very interested to hear how the HG One pans out! I'm not sure I could do a hand grinder - although I guess it would depend on the effort required. ;-)


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        What's the HG? Got a link?


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          The cs thread:

          The HG One home page: HG one - tools for building better coffee (hope this is allowed Mods? - not being sold by any of our sponsors at present)

          A review and several less useful discussions on the H-B site.

          Just received notification that mine's on its way via DHL, only number 84 off the factory floor. Can't wait to get my hands on it, hope the plane doesn't crash on some deserted island!


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            It does look pretty sweet. But by hand, screw that. Lol


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              Upgrading the Rocky

              I went from a doserless rocky to a used mazzer mini electronic.

              Was a bit of a jump in price but in the end worth it imo.

              There was one quirk of the rocky which I didn't realise at the time which led me to challenge the upgrade - due to the fineness u had to run the rocky it was much more compact and as such the portafilter wasn't inclined to overflow as much as I experience now with the fluffy grinds I get from the mazzer.