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  • LiquidHeaven
    As beans get older you will need to grind them more finely because they "dry out". Newer beans need a courser grind because they "wetter" as the oils haven't oxidized.

    You need to practice, to learn about freshness vs. grind particle size.
    In summary,
    Fresher Beans = Courser Grind
    Older Beans = Finer Grind

    Do not worry about how course or fine the "look" of the grind is, instead look at the extraction quality, rate of flow etc.

    Adjust your settings to what you get out, I rarely if ever look at the numbers.

    Also do not expect to get it perfect first shot, it will require a couple of shots to get something decent out, then tweak it. Gradually make it finer as the beans get older.


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  • Noel
    started a topic Mazzer mini help

    Mazzer mini help

    I posted about 2 months ago re my new mazzer mini manual. Here's my problem. I can't seem to get a ideal grind setting. Yesterday I started doing the following
    1-weighed 18 and 20 gram shots
    2- used a training tamper
    3- no beans adjusted the grinder to where the burrs were touching backed off a bit and started. First few adjustments chocked the machine (lascala butterfly auto)
    4- went slowly coarser until I found a happy (so so) spot
    5-got up this morning put in some new campos beans and BANG nothing came out, adjusted the grind 3 f times still nothing. So for the sake of a stress attack I've walked away to seek your help. I am very frustrated here.
    6-the factory setting is 5 or so notches away from where I am and is very coarse